Wednesday, 7 September 2016


When people asked me why I read gay romance, why I love gays and supporting LGBTQ rights.
I'd say, WHY NOT?
Gays are human, just like you and me. They have rights to do whatever they wanna do. Gay romance so far, is the sweetest romantic genre I have ever read.
Well, I'm a hopeless romantic person, so...once again, why the fuck not?

If you put labels on other people, their life style, their sexual orientation, you are already judging, and that's not okay.
You not forcing people to be like who you are or what you are.

You'd ENCOURAGE them to be what they are, and let them happy in their own skin.
How hard is that?
Label's not for human. It's for clothes, chair, bags and so on and so on.
You don't put labels in human. Either they're straight, gay, black, yellow, white.
They are human. Period.


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