Tuesday 14 November 2017

ARC REVIEW : High Test by Elizabeth Noble


The coffee is rich. Hayden isn't. But Neal doesn't need to know that—yet.

Hayden Owens is just your typical graduate student working his way through school as a barista for the Owens Coffee Company—no relation. But he keeps the “no relation” part to himself when he meets dashing architect, Neal Kirchner, a successful older man from an old-money family. Hayden doesn’t exactly lie, but he figures it can’t hurt for Neal to believe he’s a rich kid. After all, Hayden doesn’t want Neal thinking he’s a gold digger.

The closer they become, the harder it gets for Hayden to come clean. Something always seems to get in the way. When a company bankruptcy and a jilted, vindictive woman threaten to expose his charade, Hayden thinks it’s all gone down the drain. Luckily Neal is ready with some innocent trickery of his own.

 High TestHigh Test by Elizabeth Noble
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Prepare for a cute cinderfella love story! I really enjoyed this loveeee story between Hayden and Neal, complete with the 'oh I have to go' after the dance? But unlike Cinderella, Hayden afraid of missing his bus!
No chance to tell Neal after a few dates, some bitch showed Neal who's Hayden really is. No chance to tell Neal that he's not 'that Owen' did Neal mad ad him, and ditched him?
Oh, let me tell you this.

Neal is the sweetest man in the world (and a super generous)! He's 45 years old (yes, this is a May - December relationship), and he's crazy about Hayden since their first met. And his dogs loved Neal too.
And Nathan from the hotel where Neal have his own suite (bless that man Nathan!)
Not that I blamed Hayden for didn't have 'time' to tell Neal, every time he tried to tell Neal, there's 'always' interruption, always. And Neal, like the old man he is, always forgot to asked. LOL.
See the pattern? It need one bitch to break the moment, and bam!

But not to worry much, like I said earlier, this is a sweet cheesy story, cute and adorable, and did I mentioned I enjoyed it? Yeah, Cinderella is my favorite story ever! Of course I liked this one, with the addition of sexy times together, good writing, and an MM.
Yeah guys, read this book.

Note : this is my first book from this author, I think.
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