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What Remains by Garrett Leigh

What RemainsWhat Remains by Garrett Leigh
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This is Garrett Leigh at her finest. Like chocolate. This is fine dark chocolate that I always craved every day of my life. Bitter but yet delicious you want it for more.
I'm still hangover and can't write a proper review today. I mean...I feel Jodi, I feel Rupert.
How miserable their life after what happened with Jodi that day, the day after 'everything is fine'...the BAM! It changed in one second.

With Ed Sheeran's Photograph while writing this (you'll know why I chose this song for this book's playlist), I cried all over again. Over what Rupert's missing in his life 'after' that day, and cried after what Jodi's missing 'after' that day.
But what I love about Rupert and Jodi, they're both determined person, and stubborn, and they're not giving up even after their life broken into pieces. Rupert stay there for Jodi, even (view spoiler)

There are so much I love in this story ( I don't care about Rupert's ex-wife though).
Rupert's determination, his daughter, Jodi's personality and his stubborn attitude to 'learn' about his 'relationship' with Rupert.
The Photo album made me thinking, that we're all need a printed photos to put in the 'real photo album', just in safe life, safe relationship, and time is stood still in photograph, no heart broken, eyes were never closed, and time's frozen . Damn, I became sappy sometimes. But this book makes me sappy, and I don't mind at all.

I'll be back later for a more proper review, right now, I'm just want to enjoy my re-reading, with Photograph...where time's frozen... (I'm still hangover, and I'm okay with it)

This is a highly recommended, especially who adores Slide and Rare. This book has the same vibes as that one.

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