Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Until September by Chris Scully


 I have a hate love hate love relationship with two MCs, especially Archie/Archer with his whoring attitude. But I kept telling myself , that's him, and there's 'no relationship' between the two men. Hell, they didn't have any relationship until near the end.
Both were busy with their denials (which I hate so much).
But at least there are kids that keeps them stay put together, at least until September.
The feeling? It's an on/off relationship. And that irritated the shit out of me, seriously.

Then after Archer came to his senses, here comes Ryan who doubted it and reconsidered to revisit his old relationship with his ex. Again. This pissed me off.

I keep debating myself to put down the book, but these kids...sigh...They're so adorable, I can't see them not happy after what they had been through. They 'need' Archie and Ryan as family.
I'm so glad Archie (the former player), asked Ryan to stay and decided to choose his life with the kids and Ryan.
I'm glad I can finally finished it, and liking it. Archie is definitely redeemable, and Ryan, Ryan is actually the sweetest 'Mr.Commitment' Archie can find.
From a person who's mocking a gay committed/marriage relationship, Archie proved that he's not that 'bad'. He's brave enough to admit that people can choose whatever they want in their life, especially gay people. To have family and children.

The Epilogue is somehow, the best of this book. And I can see that Archie, Ryan, Emma and Dillon will finally have their HEA.

Recommended read.