Monday, 9 November 2015


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Recommended for: Everyone
Read from October 13 to 18, 2015 — I own a copy


Reading Semper Fi was like coming home and falling in love all over again. Being inside Sebastian Hunter helped me much of understanding him, his demons, his sadness, his anger, and his true feeling about Caro all the years they separated .
And I'm falling for him all over again, just like Caro did.
And besides, who can resist that bad boy charm inside of him?
Definitely not Caro, and not me.
I can see so many of you would agree with me.

It's retelling , but doesn't feels like a retelling. What's in Hunter's head is totally different from Caro's. And I know why did I love him from the beginning. Actually, Sebastian Hunter is genuine, naive and so like an open book. He is what he is.
His love for Caro, is one of the best love I have ever read in a book.
It's pure and unconditional. Age gap, people?

Over all, this is a worth waiting for, worth re-reading all over again. And like I said earlier, worth to falling in love all over again.
Well done Jane !

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Stranded by HelenKay Dimon


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Read on November 01, 2015

This was like I'm stranded in a condition I cannot understand, just like Brax and Cabe.
I found myself suddenly in the middle of two ex-lover's quarrel, in a cabin from nowhere.
And there's shooting and strange conversation about conspiracy.
I was kinda dizzy, reading this story.
Expected a a little romantic escape from two enemies, Brax and Cade gave me headache from the start.LOL! My bad.
Okay, we have this two alphas 'romantic' moments in the middle of their fear about being killed, they called it burning up the energy. It was actually hot :)
Yeah okay.
I was easily bored. There's no strong chemistry between Cabe and Brax, except the sex of course.
It was just an okay read for me.Maybe a little bit of background explanation will make me understand more about this guys.

I found out that this novella is the author's first MM, so, I didn't expected much.

* ARC received from Netgalley in exchange of an unbiased review.*

Nightingale by Aleksandr Voinov



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Read from October 17 to 20, 2015

*** 5 Nightingale and Eagle stars !***

ARC was given by author for exchange of LGBTQ donation in my country and for unbiased review

“I still should have fought.”
“But instead I played the canary, singing for whoever owned my damn cage.”

My favorite author and his finesse. Historical. War.

It's been too long I haven't read a soulful story and almost forgot the feeling of a real good writing, a real great story, since I read Soldiers by the same author.
I read this blind, because I think I'm one of Aleksandr Voinov's first reader for this book.
I'm so happy I have a privilege reading this gem earlier than anyone else.

As usual, Aleks makes this story 'real' and believable. Oh come on, Nazi soldiers as a hero? How odd?
But then, after you read this book and finally get to know Oberst Heinrich von Starck and Falk Harfner, both are a big fans of Yves Lacroix, a club singer, you'll say...Ahh, Nazi also humans...surprise !
They can love, they can make mistakes, they can on the knees and crazy about one little french singer.

The tense of war, the vibes of a scary nights, the anxious, felt so strong in this story.
That's why Aleks never claimed this as a romance.
It's a historical fiction, with a little taste of love story.
Don't expect a romantic faithful love story from a slutty French singer with that two Germans. Yves face reality, that he can't choose between the two men. Both are having a very important rules in Yves life.
I can't dislike Heinrich, he's even a romantic guy for Yves. For an Oberst, he's kind of 'soft'. He really care about Yves and his safety.
But then, there's Falk, an ordinary soldier with no power who came into Yves life even before he met Heinrich.
And Yves is really stuck in between.

But war, have no mercy for lovers...I cried the day Yves cried for the first time since forever. It was so heartbreaking, and I can't complain, because 'it's war', right?

I'm glad the gloomy of war and my broken hear healed. Yes, Yves had his HEA after all. And I'm a happy girl !

Note from author : For the record, Nightingale is NOT a Romance or m/m Romance. It's a gay historical novel. It was never intended as a Romance. It's not listed on Amazon as a Romance. The cover is not branded for Romance.

BR with Rosalinda., going to BR 'again' with Funzee on weekend.
I just can't move on. This is one of Aleks 'Best Work' , and I'm glad I can be one of the VIP readers.

Keep writing Aleks ! Thank you for a wonderful story !

Winter Oranges by Marie Sexton

 Winter Oranges was a perfect story to start this month.
It was lovely, sweet, a little sad.

This is why love reading romance, fairy tales, fiction, 'anything' could happen, and it's still beautiful.
Use your imagination, and you'll be in a small wonderful world of Ben and Jason.
I think this one is easily become one of my Marie Sexton favorite book after "One More Soldier" that ripped my heart into pieces.

This one though, as sweet as winter oranges, with a little bit of cherry and chocolate chip biscuit as companion.
I like Dylan and Jason's friendship. And I liked it even more when Ben and Jason, liked it or not , they're owed Dylan their life (But shhh, don't tell him that!) :)

Winter Oranges is a perfect read for a Holiday season to come, go curl up in your nice sofa, a cup of coffee, and a story of Ben and Jason, and also Dylan.
It's just , perfect.
Highly recommended!