Sunday, 1 November 2015

Winter Oranges by Marie Sexton

 Winter Oranges was a perfect story to start this month.
It was lovely, sweet, a little sad.

This is why love reading romance, fairy tales, fiction, 'anything' could happen, and it's still beautiful.
Use your imagination, and you'll be in a small wonderful world of Ben and Jason.
I think this one is easily become one of my Marie Sexton favorite book after "One More Soldier" that ripped my heart into pieces.

This one though, as sweet as winter oranges, with a little bit of cherry and chocolate chip biscuit as companion.
I like Dylan and Jason's friendship. And I liked it even more when Ben and Jason, liked it or not , they're owed Dylan their life (But shhh, don't tell him that!) :)

Winter Oranges is a perfect read for a Holiday season to come, go curl up in your nice sofa, a cup of coffee, and a story of Ben and Jason, and also Dylan.
It's just , perfect.
Highly recommended!

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