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ARC REVIEW : The Fortune Hunter by Bonnie Dee


A man with nothing finds everything.
Abandoned at birth, WWI veteran Hal Stanton faces bleak employment prospects in post-war London. Desperation spurs him to reinvent himself to hook a wealthy wife, one he will be devoted to even if he feels no real passion. But when he meets his fiance’s cousin, Julian Needham, it’s all he can do to keep his heart in check and his eye on the prize.

From the moment he’s introduced to the charming stranger Margaret plans to marry, Julian suspects the man’s motives yet fights a relentless attraction. He’s determined to reveal Hal as a fraud but must handle the matter delicately to protect his sweet cousin’s feelings. A weekend at the family estate should allow time and opportunity for him to expose Halstead Wiley.

Even as the men match wits in a battle of attempted unmasking, powerful sexual attraction threatens to overcome them both and win the day. Can a true love connection possibly grow between these adversaries without destroying lives and loved ones?

  The Fortune HunterThe Fortune Hunter by Bonnie Dee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is my last review from my 2017 reads.

I love my historical, that's why I really enjoyed it when I came to UK and explored. This brings back memories when I was in Windsor Castle. I felt like I went there again and and met Julian and Hal.
Of course there's never easy living in past life as 'confirmed bachelor' like Julian, but he managed it anyway. Hal came with his intention to marry Julian's cousin, Margaret. They're engaged. Not like many of MM books with annoying female characters, Margaret is a sweetheart.
With Hal, she didn't expected romantic marriage life, but just a convenient marriage. Not until she met her childhood best friend again, at least.
Then Hal met Julian and everything felt wrong with all the engagement thing, because heart can change in mere second, you know :)

But tehre's something about Hal that Julian need to know, but found that after he knew, not that he hated Hal, but he's even getting his feeling involved and confused, would he betrayed his dear cousin and take Hal for himself, or let them happy.
Something's about Hal's past made everything more confusing. Good thing is, Margaret did what I expected before everything went down.

I felt sorry for Hal, I never dislike Hal, not even when I knew his motives to marry Margaret in a first place.
He's just did it to survive, sure he's a liar and a fortune hunter, but really. All he wanted is a good life, a peaceful life and a family. Something he craved since his childhood.
There's a few weeks apart from each other that made me sad and wanted to hug Hal, 'seeing' what he suffered after he left Julian. Good thing Julian never gave up and tried his hardest to have Hal's back.

I really enjoyed this story. Julian and Hal are beautiful together. The struggling between them is captivating and I felt like I wanted to talk to them to get what their hearts wanted. I'm just a soft heart like that :)
For Bonnie Dee fans and MM historical lover (like me), I recommend this book the first day it's comes out!

* ARC is provided by the author for an honest and unbiased review.*

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1166851 I began telling stories as a child. Whenever there was a sleepover, I was the designated ghost tale teller. I still have a story printed on yellow legal paper in second grade about a ghost, a witch and a talking cat.

I enjoy dabbling in many genres. Whether you're a fan of contemporary historical or fantasy romance, you'll find something to enjoy among my books. I'm interested in flawed, often damaged, people who find the fulfillment they seek in one another. To stay informed about new releases, please sign up for my newsletter. You can join my street team at FB. Learn more about my backlist at and find me on FB and Twitter @Bonnie_Dee.

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TRUE, the final book in The Temptation Series by Ella Frank and the highly anticipated wedding between Logan Mitchell and Tate Morrison is LIVE!



True - adjective: That which is accurate or exact.
I dare you to try.
I think you’re my truth.
Terrify me.
Marry me.
Marry me.
Marry me...
Four years ago, Logan Mitchell walked into Tate’s life and challenged him to see it differently.
He dared Tate to try a kiss, when normally he wouldn’t have.
He begged him to take a chance, when he probably shouldn’t have.
But most importantly, he asked Tate to trust that he would love him, and he did. From that moment on, Tate realized exactly what his life had been missing—Logan.
Happily-ever-afters come in many different forms. But for Tate Morrison, there’s only one ending he wants. The one where the guy marries the guy and true love conquers all.
Now all he has to do is tell Logan.
Join Logan and Tate as they finally realize what the rest of us knew all along. That they belong together for better or worse—always.


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About Ella Frank:

Ella Frank is the USA Today Bestselling author of the Temptation series, including Try, Take, and Trust. Her Exquisite series has been praised as “scorching hot!” and “enticingly sexy!” A life-long fan of the romance genre, Ella writes contemporary and erotic fiction and lives with her husband in Portland, OR.  You can reach her on the web at and on Facebook at Some of her favorite authors include Tiffany Reisz, Kresley Cole, Riley Hart, J.R. Ward, Erika Wilde, Gena Showalter, and Carly Philips.



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True (Temptation, #6)True by Ella Frank
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"I want you. All of you. The thought of not seeing you everyday? That scares me more than anything else in this world. You're everything I didn't know I should be looking for..."

"But that's what's love's supposed to do sometimes, right? Hurt? It beats us around every now and then to make sure we'lre paying attention"

As much as I hate to say goodbye to my two favorite guys of all time, I think it's about time they tastes their true happily ever after.
I finished this book, happy but sad. I missed you already, Tate and Logan.

This 'final' installment got me so emotional, I didn't want to say goodbye to my favorite men of all time. I love Tate and Logan desperately, I invested my time loving them, mad at them, as if they are 'real'.
So, it's a bittersweet having the final book in the series, I don't want to say goodbye buy I have to. Gosh, I hate goodbyes in any form!

I won't spoiled you with anything, but as you know, this is a very long epilogue with no epilogue, so I can only hope they will appearing in the next series. Oh, speaking of the next one, you'll get a big surprise at 68 percent mark, just prepare for it!

I still don't know what to write, but I'll leave you here for a while, and re-reading again. goodbyes yet :(
Damn Ella Frank, you broke my heart.

"Life is hard. We know that firsthand. It can be beautiful, but it can also be incredibly difficult. But when I think of the one person I want by my side through it all, there's no doubt - not here. You once told me you weren't any good at relationships. But Logan, if this is you not being good at something, I don't know how you could improve."

" I swear I couldn't love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will tomorrow."

Much needed --> Tissues!

ARC is given for Lelyana's Book Blog review site.


So, it's here!

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REVIEW : Fire and Flint (Carlisle Deputies #1) by Andrew Grey



Jordan Erichsohn suspects something is rotten about his boss, Judge Crawford. Unfortunately he has nowhere to turn and doubts anyone will believe his claims—least of all the handsome deputy, Pierre Ravelle, who has been assigned to protect the judge, as he's been receiving the threatening letters. The judge has a long reach, and if he finds out Jordan’s turned on him, he might impede Jordan adopting his son, Jeremiah.

When Jordan can no longer stay silent, he gathers his courage and tells Pierre what he knows. To his surprise and relief, Pierre believes him, and Jordan finds an ally… and maybe more. Pierre vows to do what it takes to protect Jordan and Jeremiah and see justice done. He’s willing to fight for the man he’s growing to love and the family he’s starting to think of as his own. But Crawford is a powerful and dangerous enemy, and he’s not above ripping apart everything Jordan and Pierre are trying to build in order to save himself….


  Fire and Flint (Carlisle Deputies, #1)Fire and Flint by Andrew Grey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Raising a child as a single gay parent is never easy, especially when a child hasn't been yours , yet.
It's like walking on a thin ice and Jordan has every rights to worry about Jeremiah's adoption is going to be a hard way, when it comes to his boss's case.
But then Pierre came into the picture, not making it easy, Pierre became one more 'problem' in Jordan's life.
But sometimes, we need to accept what God gives us and embrace it.
I liked how Andrew Grey portrayed the chemistry between Jeremiah and Jordan as one family, and how easy Jeremiah accepted Pierre in his life and wanted for 'more Pierre please'.
There's a little twist near the end, just enough portion, not too much, so I'm good.
This is a very heart warming family story and I enjoyed every minutes of it!

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ARC REVIEW : The Perfect Gift (Bobby and Paolo’s Holiday Stories #2) by Joe Cosentino



Bobby and Paolo’s Holiday Stories: Book Two

Back in America after finding “A Home for the Holidays” and each other in Capri, new couple Bobby McGrath and Paolo Mascobello are ready to tie the knot during the winter holidays. Their families, friends, and pastor offer more advice than sages on speed. So, young lawyer Bobby and fashion designer Paolo are caught in the matrimonial holiday circus. Will a shocking turn of events somehow lead to the perfect wedding for the December grooms?

The following Christmas, Bobby and Paolo aren’t feeling the holiday spirit. They have a nice apartment, designer clothes, entertaining and supportive friends and family, but little time for each other. While out shopping in their quaint local holiday village, Bobby and Paolo encounter Gregory, an adorable seven-year-old who changes their lives forever, offering them a true holiday miracle… if they’re willing to accept it.


The Perfect Gift by Joe Cosentino
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I always love the idea of children in my MM romance books, especially when I can feel the chemistry between the kids and their parents.
I'll skip the marriage decision part, it's sweet and adorable, easiest decision for both Paolo and Bobby.
Part two, when it comes to the kid named Geoffrey, it broke my heart to know how much Geoffrey wanted to be love by Bobby and Paolo.
The dynamic among the three of them, warmed my heart. Especially when Bobby and Paolo can't say no to Geoffrey's every request.
Besides, Paolo came from a big Italian family, why not adding one more adorable kid in need for a good family?
This is a feel good heartwarming holiday story you need to add on your holiday reading list. Or anytime of the year, because I know this will warm your heart.

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True, the highly anticipated wedding between Logan Mitchell and Tate Morrison is coming December 21st!


True (Temptation #6) by Ella Frank

Publishing Date: December 21st, 2017

Genre: Contemporary MM Romance

Designer: Shanoff Designs

Photographer: Chris Davis at Specular Photography

Model: Adam Cowie

A Note from Ella:

To all my wonderful readers,
I know I had originally stated that TRUE (Temptation Series VI) would be released on January 2nd, and while that is a wonderful date, I find that I can’t keep these men and their happily ever after to myself any longer.
So today, as the cover of the sixth book in the Temptation Series is revealed so is the NEW RELEASE DATE: December 21st <3 span="">
Just in time for a plane trip, or a car trip, or a time out over the Christmas holidays where you want to curl up with some fictional family members. Because what better way can I say Merry Christmas to you all than by giving you this book early?


True - adjective: That which is accurate or exact.
I dare you to try.
I think you’re my truth.
Terrify me.
Marry me.
Marry me.
Marry me...
Four years ago, Logan Mitchell walked into Tate’s life and challenged him to see it differently.
He dared Tate to try a kiss, when normally he wouldn’t have.
He begged him to take a chance, when he probably shouldn’t have.
But most importantly, he asked Tate to trust that he would love him, and he did. From that moment on, Tate realized exactly what his life had been missing—Logan.
Happily-ever-afters come in many different forms. But for Tate Morrison, there’s only one ending he wants. The one where the guy marries the guy and true love conquers all.
Now all he has to do is tell Logan.

Join Logan and Tate as they finally realize what the rest of us knew all along. That they belong together for better or worse—always.

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Tate (Temptation #5)
(Free in Kindle Unlimited)

About Ella Frank:

Ella Frank is the USA Today Bestselling author of the Temptation series, including Try, Take, and Trust. Her Exquisite series has been praised as “scorching hot!” and “enticingly sexy!” A life-long fan of the romance genre, Ella writes contemporary and erotic fiction and lives with her husband in Portland, OR.  You can reach her on the web at and on Facebook at Some of her favorite authors include Tiffany Reisz, Kresley Cole, Riley Hart, J.R. Ward, Erika Wilde, Gena Showalter, and Carly Philips.






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ARC REVIEW : Mistletoe Omega: Christmas Mpreg Romance



 Sam Styles is having a horrible holiday season. He’s just found out he’s pregnant, and his alpha has bolted, leaving him stranded. Sam hides his pregnancy because a pregnant omega without an alpha isn’t popular in his omega/alpha society.

Graham Peters is an alpha who is fifteen years older than Sam. While Graham doesn’t realize Sam is pregnant, something about the younger omega tugs at his heart. He wants to help the down on his luck omega.

The two men grow close when Graham opens his home to Sam. But Sam is guarded and afraid of what might happen if Graham discovers he’s is pregnant with another alpha’s baby.

This is a 28,000 word Christmas Mpreg story with a guaranteed HEA. 


Aww..this is so adorable and heartwarming. The kind of Alpha - Omega I always craved for, with a little 'problem' in the middle. just enough portion for one sweet holiday story.
I won't bore you with a story line, just read the book and you'll meet Sam and Graham. I think they're right for each other right from the start. Add one pregnancy stress to the picture, one lousy ex, and a baby. Just a perfect story for MPreg lovers!
Just the right story for a fun Christmas holiday.
7340038 S.C. Wynne started writing m/m in 2013 and did look back once. She wanted to say that because it seems everyone’s bio says they never looked back and, well S.C. Wynne is all about the joke. She loves writing m/m and her characters are usually a little jaded, funny and ultimately redeemed through love.
S.C loves red wine, margaritas and Seven and Seven’s. Yes, apparently S.C. Wynne is incredibly thirsty. S.C. Wynne loves the rain and should really live in Seattle but instead has landed in sunny, sunny, unbelievably sunny California. Writing is the best profession she could have chosen because S.C. is a little bit of a control freak. To sit in her pajamas all day and pound the keys of her laptop controlling the every thought and emotion of the characters she invents is a dream come true.
If you’d like to contact S.C. Wynne she is amusing herself on Facebook at all hours of the day or you can contact her at

ARC REVIEW : Kairos by Mary Calmes


Sometimes the best day of your life is the one you never saw coming.

Joe Cohen has devoted the past two years of his life to one thing: the care and feeding of Kade Bosa. His partner in their PI business, roommate, and best friend, Kade is everything to Joe, even if their relationship falls short of what Joe desires most. But he won’t push. Kade has suffered a rough road, and Joe’s pretty sure he’s the only thing holding Kade together.

Estranged from his own family, Joe knows the value of desperately holding on to someone dear, but he never expected his present and past to collide just as Kade’s is doing the same. Now they’ve stumbled across evidence that could change their lives: the impact of Kade’s tragic past, their job partnership, and any future Joe might allow himself to wish for….

 KairosKairos by Mary Calmes
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I have no idea how to rate this. I liked the gorgeous cover, I liked the idea of the story, but I'm kinda pissed at Joe's obvious and Kade's oblivious. I even liked Evan and Declan!
But I didn't really care about Kade. I think Evan would be a better one for Joe.
But love is blind, right? Even though Joe saw 'everything' about Kade's sex life (it irked me a whole lot bunch of it).
I'm a patient one, but I lost my patience reading how clueless Kade was. And how devoted Joe to him.
And near the end, I need them to be patient for the new feeling development. LOL.
I loved Mary Calmes, but this is one of her book that I'd be glad if I pass it.

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ARC REVIEW : Inseparable (Port Java #1) by Sloan Johnson


Trevor and Gabe never knew life without the other. As only children, they grew up as close as brothers, but their love grew to something more. Something they couldn't talk about because their parents wouldn't understand.

Gabe is gay and unapologetic about his sexuality. He refuses to live his life in the shadows, but that doesn't mean he isn't harboring secrets.

Trevor is his parents’ miracle child and he doesn’t want to hurt them. Coming out, admitting he's in love with Gabe, could ruin everything.

Heading off to college was supposed to finally free them to be together, but nothing is as easy as it seems. Can they find a way to navigate this new world, living and loving openly?

  InseparableInseparable by Sloan Johnson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Hmm...I don't know. Maybe it's just me. But I didn't feel any strong chemistry between Gabe and Trevor. The moms annoyed me, they're too nosy, imo.
Gabe spent too much time with his friend Seth. I almost thought that Seth has a 'thing' for him.
Trevor and Gabe didn't do anything meaningful to let us reader know that they're deserved each other and made for each other.
Their relationship is too fragile. Even it based on bestfriend's first.
I worried they couldn't keep the relationship for too long.
It's a HFN though. I'm not convinced.
I think this is just an okay read for me, besides, the writing style is not my cuppa. Sorry.

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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

REVIEW : 2017 Advent Calendar Daily - Stocking Stuffers Series


 Find it here


ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL 🌟🌟🌟🌟                                             
 Oh, this is a wonderful story to begin with.
This was funny and adorable. I laugh a lot. Charlie and Aemon are definitely meant to be together.
There are some adorable adopted animals too, because Charlie cannot stand a lone animal, abandoned at Christmas. So he gave max his first Christmas. But he had no idea what's real Christmas like, because since he's five years old, his parents passed away and lived with some foster parents ever since.
I cried a bit when he asked Aemon what's the Christmas like, and Aemon told him everything, and wanted to give him a real Christmas. Sigh.
"Maybe I'm just a bit sad that I don't remember Christmas with my parents, because maybe it was just as wonderful as yours.." 
I enjoyed this so much, enjoyed the laughter, the love, the clumsiness, the sweetness...the animals are all adorable. And the ending was just so perfect!
Recommended for your holiday read!

Short and fun with a HFN. It's okay though according that Steven and Kyle has just met and never been in a date before. One moment of truth, one date at Kyle's house, sexy time together, hopefully leads to their HEA. Who knows? Christmas is full of miracles after all.
A sweet short Christmas story to look forward to.
It's never easy to trust someone after you had your world crumbling down on your previous relationship. 

Aaron and Craig had almost a similar disappointment over their earlier love affair, and trust is all they need to stay together for a long time. While Aaron need someone not to pointing fingers on him for his anxiety, Craig had his own secret. And he's about to let Aaron see him and accepting him as he is.
This is a sweet and heartwarming story about what family means to us. And Craig wanted to share his life and being family with Aaron desperately. After he revealed his secret to Aaron.
Aaron didn't take it very well at once, but after a short therapy session with Freddie the security guy, all he need is actually listened to what Craig about to say.
It seemed what he had been afraid of, was nothing at all after what Craig gave it to him.
Loved this story, I enjoyed it a lot. Oh don't worry about sexy times, Craig and Aaron were on fire after everything between them solved.
So, everybody's happy. Ooh...and you'll meet with Grace later...*wink*

OMG Eugene is so freaking stubborn! If only he;s not that stubborn and I wanted to slap his head all the time, I would probably enjoyed the book more. I mean, seriously? I have no idea why Cullen's so patient with him.LOL.
I don't think I have that kind pf patience Cullen have for Eugene.
This is a 'perfect Christmas story'. You know, sad, broken man, with a little tendencies to steal a box of nails, ended with a love of his life and everyone forgave him. I'm so jealous! :P
Well, this is Christmas after all. I liked the ending though. And Cullen is perfect, at least for Eugene. Hahaha…

This is a second chance romance and it's kinda sweet. Because, not just renewed love affair between Jason and Tom, but also his nephew Mallory who lost her parents and have to live with her uncle.
I liked that when Mallory asked Jason if he and Tom are boyfriends, and when Jason told her no, she told him that she wanted to marry Tom, because Tom make breakfast!
Tom and Jason tried to talk and cannot deny their attractions to one another.
So yeah, they got their second chance of love, built a new life in the near future is a no question.
I enjoyed this. Especially Mallory!

Cute and adorable story, with a little girl and a dog in the middle. Makes everything between Scott and Brennan's relationship a lot easier. When someone liked your dog, and someone can stand your daughter and adored her, things like falling in love as soon as possible believable. Right?
Yeah, it's an insta-love between Brennan and Scott. Brennan won't take no as an answer, and Scott is just, okay, he's the right guy for me.
Scott got the best Christmas gift in the world, a family.
It's HFN with a promises for long lasting love.
Happy Holiday!

Oooh this is lovely and adorable!
I loved Michael with all his energy and love for Christmas. And Brad with all his more controlled personality. But when it comes to Michael, I think he can't say no. Especially when Michael woo him with his cookies.
There's a conflict in his heart about Michael, but then, I'm glad they worked it out. In this case, from Brad's side. Because, hey...a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. Follow his heart and chasing after his dream.
And that's what Brad's do.
I love the epilogue, it was kinda perfect. The guys surely got their HEA!


This is a magical sweet fairy tale. I was captivated from the start.
This is what I called a truly Christmas spirit story. I was so excited when I found this story and I'm not wrong!
What the author tried to tell you is, true love does exist, in this world or somewhere in between.
I cried a little reading how much Laurence so determined to find Avery after their twelve nights in that cabin.
That's what true love like, right?
When you found your heart, you keep it, and never let go.
It's such a beautiful story. Recommended!

Cute story, with an adorable seven year old matchmaker and art. Art everywhere!
And men with no communicating skills usually made me angry, lol. And Grant and Josh are both part of that.
I mean, come on, can you just ask? What's so hard about asking?
But this is also cute, even assumption is kinda irked me a little.
This one is light, sweet and adorable story. Again, with art. And I'm an art junkie.
Enjoyable and fun. Read this!

This is rare. A senior love story between 57 and 67 year old men is very rare in MM genre.
It's very sweet actually. I liked the idea of a second times , third times chance of love affair and not spending your old days alone and lonely, but with someone you love.
Samuel and Raymond are bot unique characters. Samuel with his love for chicken, and Raymond with a tendencies of eating it! LOL
This was a fun read, I enjoyed both Samuel and Raymond. Mostly Samuel, he's a sweetheart.

A sweet story about Henry and Jim, twenty years after their first met. It's a flashback, and the couple remembered how they met, that put tears in my eyes for how much acceptance between the two of them on that day. How much Jim trusted Henry that Henry won't do no harm for him. Sure Jim was reckless that day, but he had a reason that everyone will understand immediately.
Henry's like a gift from heaven he had to accept willingly ever since.
Twenty years later, they're still together and remembering the first time they met, is like their tradition.

When you have a crush on someone and you cannot say anything about it, except stalking him?
That's what happened between Aaron and Nick. Besides, Nick didn't know that Aaron came for him every day, finding a reason to talk to him, but afraid to asked him out. While Nick thought that Aaron is too good to be true, and came to his work at the convenient store just for a quick breakfast before work. Nick has crush on Aaron as well.
So, guys obviously need a better communication skill, talk instead of wasting time for a whole month pretending and assuming.
I liked this one a lot. This is a heartwarming and adorable story to savor for holiday. Well written, and unputdownable. You'll love Nick and Aaron!

I liked the idea of 'senior' romance. Both MCs are in their fifties, and looking forward for a new romance.
Perry and Joel are friends, ever since before Perry's husband's death. Well, there's attraction between them, but not until Perry ready to date again. Perry gave signs but Joel's kind of clueless about Perry's attraction to him.
Not until Perry TOLD him. Agghh... I wanted to slap Joel, because how could he's so blind?
Perry wanted him and only him, not some young guys who's hitting on him.
You know, when everyone sees you're into someone and you're the only one who cannot see that? That's Joel. But secret Santa's idea is kinda cute.
It was a fun read, and light, not much of complicated. Holiday reads should be like this, right? 


This is so freaking adorable, and cute! With a holiday spirit and insta-love and the gamers!
I'm so enjoying this, laughing so much, and I never really often seeing myself happy while I'm reading. And Walter and Edgar made me happy! Because there so right for each other.
I can't recommend you enough to pick this one! 

Stokely doesn't like Christmas. But he likes Asher. Listened to Asher every morning and dreaming of him.
And when Asher asked him to send sometimes with him to do deeds for Christmas, it was somekind of deal breaker for him.
But Asher won't stop, he has that kind of energy to make Stokely sees Christmas a different way.

This is a heartwarming holiday story you'll probably wants to consider read.
Happy Holiday!

Well, I have no idea what's on Peter and Keith's head ten years ago when they were obviously attracted to each other, and Peter just bolted and ignored Keith just like that. No explanation after that, no apologies? And Keith just assumed?
Ten year's later, they has the same path and still, Keith's assuming?
It's actually the sweet Christmas story, but not enough chemistry between Peter and Keith to make me believe that they will have a HEA.

I enjoyed this story. It's cute and adorable. The type of book you would like to read when you need a dream come true, with a little puzzle play.
Having a long distance relationship is never easy, especially when you have your love ones as an ARMY, and never know where he is at the moment every time he's been deployed.
But James has a little surprise for Cole, not an easy one because Cole has to 'guess' what James hiding from him.
Enjoyable and fun. And a promise of HEA!

When you are poor have nothing, happiness is simple. Even if it's only a forgotten picture from your childhood, a warm food, and a job opportunity. And your love ones stand beside you whatever people said about you, to love you and make sure that you are happy.
That's enough for Casey and Ellis. But this year, Christmas is pretty special, because there's hope.
I liked this one, enjoyable and heartwarming. And Casey and Ellis are happy, this is their best Christmas ever! Because, the end is kinda hooked me and made me smile.

Of course this is storm stranded story and an insta-attraction between two guys whose only recognized each other from afar. Nothing's wrong with that. But an insta-f***ing with a virgin you have only known for like two minutes? Yeah, teenage hormones and all, but still.
I liked the idea of locked up in a dorm, but I don't think the execution is really what I need.
This could be better if only no sex included, but just a promise of a relationship in the future.

Meeting your long lost love and have an opportunity for a second chance is always sweet.
Especially when some 'magic' involved.
But where's the magic? I think it's in the old watch Rory's Grandda gave him. Reminding him that Deacon is someone he need to keep. Someone from the past that could be his future.
It's a sweet fluffy short story, good enough to read to pass your holiday.
Don't expect too much magic. Because I didn't feel it, and also, the chemistry between Rory and Deacon not as strong as I expected.

While I liked the idea of magical meeting of the very own father of Christmas, there's something missing with the second chance romance between Danny and Clay.
I felt like they still keeping their anger about the past, and not fully forgiving, you know. Of course there's arguing, forgiveness, lust and sex that's undeniably they both wanted.
It's just I need 'more' from both of them. I felt like it was just lust after all. I didn't feel any strong chemistry between them up until the end of the book. Damn, I wish this is where I have to say, 'It's me, book, not you'.

Competing between business owners and then falling in love? Nice plot bunny.
But I think Nick and Paul gave a new meaning of childish competition according to their businesses.
Raged Paul, and childish Nick, and all in between, made me frowned in not a very good way.
Don' get me wrong, I liked the whole story idea, but there's just something wrong with that two. Maybe the need some anger management therapy? You know, how to get mad without being silly?
I didn't sit well with all the insta-love and insta-moving in decision after getting naked for two day.
Or I'm the one whose too old fashioned. Or I'm too old for this.
Definitely too old... :(