Monday, 18 December 2017

ARC REVIEW : The Perfect Gift (Bobby and Paolo’s Holiday Stories #2) by Joe Cosentino



Bobby and Paolo’s Holiday Stories: Book Two

Back in America after finding “A Home for the Holidays” and each other in Capri, new couple Bobby McGrath and Paolo Mascobello are ready to tie the knot during the winter holidays. Their families, friends, and pastor offer more advice than sages on speed. So, young lawyer Bobby and fashion designer Paolo are caught in the matrimonial holiday circus. Will a shocking turn of events somehow lead to the perfect wedding for the December grooms?

The following Christmas, Bobby and Paolo aren’t feeling the holiday spirit. They have a nice apartment, designer clothes, entertaining and supportive friends and family, but little time for each other. While out shopping in their quaint local holiday village, Bobby and Paolo encounter Gregory, an adorable seven-year-old who changes their lives forever, offering them a true holiday miracle… if they’re willing to accept it.


The Perfect Gift by Joe Cosentino
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I always love the idea of children in my MM romance books, especially when I can feel the chemistry between the kids and their parents.
I'll skip the marriage decision part, it's sweet and adorable, easiest decision for both Paolo and Bobby.
Part two, when it comes to the kid named Geoffrey, it broke my heart to know how much Geoffrey wanted to be love by Bobby and Paolo.
The dynamic among the three of them, warmed my heart. Especially when Bobby and Paolo can't say no to Geoffrey's every request.
Besides, Paolo came from a big Italian family, why not adding one more adorable kid in need for a good family?
This is a feel good heartwarming holiday story you need to add on your holiday reading list. Or anytime of the year, because I know this will warm your heart.

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