Wednesday, 13 December 2017



Three seasonal love stories from Joanna Chambers


Quin Flint is unimpressed when his gorgeous colleague, Rob Paget, asks for extra time off at Christmas. As far as Quin is concerned, Christmas is a giant waste of time. Quin’s on the fast track to partnership, and the season of goodwill is just getting in the way of his next big project. But when Quin’s boss, Marley, confiscates his phone and makes him take an unscheduled day off, Quin finds himself being forced to confront his regrets, past and present, and think about the sort of future he really wants…and who he wants it with.

Mr Perfect’s Christmas

Sam Warren’s new job hasn’t been going so well so the last thing he’s in the mood for is the obligatory office Christmas party, particularly since Nick Foster’s going to be there. Nick–the guy whose shoes Sam has been trying to fill–seems to take very opportunity to point out where Sam’s going wrong. But when Sam receives an unexpected Secret Santa gift at the party, he’s forced to question his assumptions about his rival. Could it be that he’s been misinterpreting Nick’s actions all along? And is it possible that his reluctant attraction to Nick is reciprocated?

Rest and Be Thankful

Things haven’t been going well for Cam McMorrow since he moved to Inverbechie. His business is failing, his cottage is falling apart and following his very public argument with café owner Rob Armstrong, he’s become a social outcast. Cam needs to get away from his troubles and when his sister buys him a ticket to the biggest Hogmanay party in Glasgow, he can’t leave Inverbechie quick enough. But when events conspire to strand him in the middle of nowhere in a snowstorm, not only is he liable to miss the party, he’ll also have to ask his nemesis, Rob, for help.



In a real life, I met people like Quin.
Hell, my former boss was like him.
These people, are so hard to like. They're just so annoying, irritating and bring with them the label ' You're not important to me if you're not useful'.
And lucky for Quin that Rob 'still' like him, despite of his so called 'behavior'.
He need a strong hand to make him better and Rob is definitely the man.
Even I can't like Quin until the end of the book, he's actually 'not a bad people'. He just clueless, and workaholic.
And that can be cure, slowly.


What supposed to be a not very pleasant Christmas eve outing with his fellow office friends, has become one night he'll never forget. This is a classic 'no talking, just assuming' story about two guys. until everything's almost too late. Good thing is, Nick is a nice guy and finally told Sam why did he always come to the office while he's not working there anymore.
Sam also seemed like an uptight guy, Nick called him Mr. Perfect.
After clearing what's the problem between them, well, things went smoothly...into bed.
Hmm...a little too soon, but it's Christmas. Let's consider it a gift.


Things hasn't be really good for Cam's business lately, added an awkward meeting with Rob at his café while meeting his sister. Their old problems? Has to be clear before they can move on to another level of their 'wanted' relationship.
Anything happen for a reason, and Cam stranded with his broken car near Rob's cabin.
Well, things finally resolved between the two. They talked, and seemed like they worked it out somehow. Spending a new year with a potential future lover, seemed like a dream come true.

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