Thursday, 23 August 2018

ARC REVIEW : Private Charter by N.R. Walker



Stuart Jenner’s job is high stress, high stakes, and everything he’s strived for. So why, when the apex of his career is within reach, does he stumble? At his doctor’s insistence, he books a privately chartered yacht to sail around the Whitsundays for two weeks of sun, surf, and sex. When his friend-with-benefits bails on him at the last minute, Stuart decides to go alone.

Foster Knight left the rat race behind six years ago, bought a yacht, and now calls the Great Barrier Reef his home. Sailing tourists around tropical waters is all in a day’s work, and he’s never been happier. When his next client arrives alone, the two-week charter will be the most private job he’s ever had.

Foster can see how stressed and exhausted Stuart is, and he promises him extensive rest and relaxation. Stuart slowly realises his original plan for two weeks of sun, surf, and sex might not be lost yet. Confined to a yacht, isolated by aqua-coloured oceans and the sweltering sun, Stuart and Foster are about to find out just how hot the tropics can get.



  Private CharterPrivate Charter by N.R. Walker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A delicious holiday romance and full of sun, sexy times, white Speedo, a slightly exhibitionist corporate man and loads of sexual tension.
Leave it to Nic Walker when it comes to sexual tension, sexy guys, and holiday at the same time.
The blurb sounded that this is a light no brainer story about two men in about, checking out each other and some sexy sexy sexy times in the sea. But actually, it's more than that. This is about making decision for your life, decision about choices.
I was holding my breath near the end both when there's something happened and waiting 'something to happen'.
Private Charter is a sexy slow burn (?) romance between two guys who's determined to live the life they're chosen. The ending was realistic, not a fairy tale kind of ending, but I think I couldn't agree more with the choices they made. And don't worry, Stuart and Foster are both definitely got their HEA guaranteed.

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Monday, 20 August 2018

ARC REVIEW : Safe Place (Rainbow Place #2) by Jay Northcote


Where do you go when your home is no longer a safe place?

Alex is about to turn eighteen and is firmly in the closet. He’s been biding his time, waiting to escape to uni, and finally come out away from the oppressive influence of his homophobic father. When he flunks his exams, he’s stuck in the small town of Porthladock—and what’s worse is that he’s working for his dad. The only thing that makes it bearable is Cam.

Cam’s comfortable with his bisexuality, but he doesn’t broadcast it. Young, free, and single, his social life revolves around playing rugby and hanging out with his mates. He’s attracted to Alex, but with the six-year age gap, Cam’s wary of getting involved. Plus, he thinks Alex needs a friend more than he needs a lover, and as their friendship grows, Cam decides he’s not willing to risk ruining it for casual sex.

When Alex’s dad finds out about his sexuality, Alex is suddenly both jobless and homeless. He finds work at Rainbow Place, the local LGBT-friendly café and Cam lets Alex stay in his flat for a while. But Alex would rather be sleeping in Cam’s bed than on his sofa. With them both living under one roof, their feelings for each other grow stronger, and the sexual tension is hard to ignore. Will giving in to it ruin their friendship and complicate things for Alex even more?

Although this book is part of a linked series, it has a satisfying happy ending, and can be enjoyed as a standalone.

 Safe Place (Rainbow Place, #2)Safe Place by Jay Northcote
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Though I'm not a fan of Cam, I loved Alex, he is a sweetheart.
We met Alex in the previous book, and I was wonder what's his story would be, considering who his father is, you know.
This is a very slow burn, and it was getting to my nerves about Cam. I was like, wanted to kiss Cam with my fist, and I didn't blame Alex for trying to move on. Not at all. Alex had every right to try to moved on from Cam.
There's a drama with Alex father (of course), but not as bad as I thought would be, not as messy as the first book. I'm glad he's finally got his mother on his side in the end, and Cam come to his senses.
I enjoyed this story, though I had to suffer from the UST and slow burn. LOL.
This was fun and Jay's trademark. Sweet and adorable. Loved the friendship between Cam and Alex, and with their friends as well.
If you like a sweet, slow burn, low angst and loads of friendship vibes, this is the book for you!

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Jay Northcote
Jay lives just outside Bristol in the West of England. He comes from a family of writers, but always used to believe that the gene for fiction writing had passed him by. He spent years only ever writing emails, articles, or website content.

One day, Jay decided to try and write a short story—just to see if he could—and found it rather addictive. He hasn’t stopped writing since.

Jay writes contemporary romance about men who fall in love with other men. Jay has five books published by Dreamspinner Press, and he also self-publishes under the imprint Jaybird Press. Many of his books are now available as audiobooks.

Jay is transgender and was formerly known as she/her.


Release Blitz : Last Chance - RJ Scott

Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Length: 5660 words


It’s the last year of college and Luke can’t forget the captain of the hockey team, or the kiss they shared as freshman.

Justin has to decide if hockey outweighs his attraction to Luke, because this might be the last chance he’ll have of making things right.

*This short story was previously released in the Love For All Seasons Charity Anthology.

RJ’s goal is to write stories with a heart of romance, a troubled road to reach happiness, and most importantly, that hint of a happily ever after.

RJ is the author of the over one hundred novels and discovered romance in books at a very young age. She realized that if there wasn’t romance on the page, she could create it in her head, and is a lifelong writer.

She lives and works out of her home in the beautiful English countryside, spends her spare time reading, watching films, and enjoying time with her family.

The last time she had a week’s break from writing she didn’t like it one little bit and has yet to meet a bottle of wine she couldn’t defeat.

She’s always thrilled to hear from readers, bloggers and other writers. Please contact via the following links below:

Email RJ (

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Last ChanceLast Chance by R.J. Scott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When it comes to sweet and adorable stories, let RJ do the deeds.
This is short but so much enjoyable and sweet. How to make a jock blushing and shy over a nerd, RJ is the champion. Haha.
Read this story, you won't disappoint!

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Thursday, 16 August 2018

ARC REVIEW : Priest (Confessions #3) by Ella Frank


I am complex.
My love is all-encompassing.
And when it comes to my heart, there is only one rule:
Don’t mess with what’s mine.

Until the age of seven, I was Joel Alexander Donovan, son of Jimmy. The man who terrorized a town and made its citizens fear the very ground he walked on. Including me, the day I realized that ground ran red with blood.

At age eighteen, I became Priest.
A man without a past.
A man determined to right the wrongs of my father.
A man who never believed anyone could love the son of such a monster.

But then a thief stole my heart.
A sweetheart lit up my world.
And I forgot for a moment you should never turn your back on your enemy.

And thus begins a lesson to those who would seek to harm: Never underestimate what the Priest will do to protect the Princess and the Prick.

  Priest (Confessions, #3)Priest by Ella Frank
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"My love is a burden. It's heavy. Too heavy."

Confessions : Honestly, I was skeptical about this third installment, since I didn't really love the previous, Julien. But was I wrong doubted that Priest would be as the same as Julien.
It was a slow patch after 60% mark, the usual, sex and all (don't doubt Ella for this. Not ever.), but then when I'm not expected any 'surprises' in this book, then Ella came with a boom! Plot twist!

Gosh, the last 40% of this book was so intense, I held my breath and can't manage to sleep. The last 40& was a page turner, it was tense. Real tense.
And then, we met Henri, Priest ex. I didn't really pay attention about him in the previous book, then he's just appeared and then made me worry. Who is he really, what's his part of Priest past life.
I was 'jealous' like Robbie at first, but don't worry, since I loved the idea that Henri called Robbie 'bright eyes', I'm kinda smitten a little bit about him.

And as the plot twist...I wouldn't tell you...

...then while I know there's one more of this series, I can't wait for Henri's story... Hurry up, Ella!

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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Length: 31,443 words.

Cover: EJ Smyth


Opposites attract, but can they ever work together?

Damien is an ambitious young lawyer. After moving to Germany, he doesn’t expect to feel quite so out of his element. Apart from hating his job, a rumor spreads that he is a homophobe.

To redeem himself, he is put in charge of the firm’s signature event Burning Fall. He has no choice but to hire Yannik, a gorgeous yet unconventional event manager.

But from their first disastrous meeting, everything possible goes wrong.

Can the two men find a way to work together, or will Damien’s career, Yannik’s future, and the most important client event of the year go down in flames?

Find out in this steamy and fun short novel, the first book in Frankfurt Hot Seasons.

Author Bio

Hi there! My name is EJ Smyth, I live in Frankfurt, Germany and I’m passionate about romance. Not luffy-duffy romance, but stories with other elements mixed in. Paranormal romance, romantic thrillers, gay romance, if it’s got two difficult characters finding each other, I’m on board!

I write at my living room table, usually covered with folded laundry because I couldn’t be bothered to tidy before sitting down. And my kids are teenagers, so not much help there either <eye roll>. I do love having them around and I’ve gotten used to writing with a background noise of Grand Theft Auto and teenage histrionics. Maybe that’s why I prefer writing action scenes over descriptive settings! Except for the 18+ scenes which I have to write in a separate room, because, well, embarrassing…

I’m currently working on a series of short stories Keith is Awesome about a young man exploring his sexuality. Not something I’ve ever written before but the research alone was quite a bit of fun Check out my Pinterest account to see my inspiration. I love to talk to my readers, online and offline, so please feel free to drop me a line!