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ARC REVIEW : Rhoades—Undeniable by Felice Stevens


Loneliness. The pain doesn’t simply go away with time. It’s been years, and they tell me I need to move on. But I can’t.
Blame and regret are my constant companions. Until I see him in the spotlight and everything changes. Night after night, I watch him dance. Thinking about him.
What he’d feel like.
What he’d taste like.
And now that I know, I want him even more.
And maybe…just maybe, he might want me too.
But not yet.
Not before he knows he’s more than a pretty face. Not before he knows what he means to me. I need him by my side.
The two of us.

Why can’t I forget him? His hands touching me. His mouth on mine. Kissing me. Rendering me mindless.
Every night I lay awake burning for him. Dreaming. Thinking. Needing him.
No—I don’t. I don’t need anyone.
I lie.
I want him.
I want more. I am more. He’s seen that, and now here I stand with my dream on the horizon. All I need to do is take that first step. Trust him.
Trust myself.

Rhoades begins where Austin, the prequel story left off.

  Rhoades—UndeniableRhoades—Undeniable by Felice Stevens
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the first book of Man Up series. Man Up is a dance club owned by James, who's I believe will have his own story in the future.
You need to read the prequel to this series though, to get to know Austin, Rhoades (in a glace), James, Frankie, and the dancer boys from the club. Read Austin, I'm pretty sure you'll love Austin.

In Austin, we knew that how mysterious Rhoades were when it comes to Austin. Yeah he had a secret, and Austin been hurt before, you know, the classics. But Felice Stevens has her way with words and always makes me wants more and more.
Rhoades is a captivating, sexy, seductive romance. I was blown away by how Rhoades in my head, almost like a spider, patiently waiting for his prey to get caught. But Austin is never an easy catch. He's a fighter, and he chose carefully. This is a very slow burn and I understood why. Austin need to be cautious about Rhoades motives pursuing him.
I loved the way Rhodes taking care of Austin without Austin realized that :)
Drove him to pursue his dreams and facilitate that, and Austin's just too happy to realized that hahaha...
I loved that friendship between Austin and Frankie is unconditional after all, and that Austin finally is the one who made Rhoades relationship with his brother better.

I believe Frankie would be in the second installment of the series. The king of Man Up, need his own HEA after all.
And as for Austin and Rhoades, I'm pretty sure we'll see them in the near future again! And again!

And as for the cover, Felice and Reese Dante nailed it! Rhoades is 'perfection!'


*ARC provided for an honest and unbiased review*

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