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ARC REVIEW : Evolved by N.R. Walker


In 2068, androids are an integrated part of human life. Big Brother no longer just watches from the shadows. It’s in every household.

Lloyd Salter has OCD issues with noise, mess, and he’s uncomfortable with human interaction. When his ex claimed the only thing perfect enough to live up to his standards was an android, Lloyd dismissed it. But two years later, after much self-assessment, Lloyd thinks he may have been right.

SATinc is the largest manufacturer of androids in Australia, including the Fully Compatible Units known as an A-Class 10. Their latest design is the Synthetic Human Android UNit, otherwise known as SHAUN.

Shaun is compatible with Lloyd’s every need; the perfect fit on an intellectual and physical basis. But Lloyd soon realises Shaun’s not like other A-Class androids. He learns. He adapts. Sure that SATinc is aware Shaun functions outside of his programmed parameters, Lloyd must find a way to keep Shaun safe.

No one can know how special Shaun is. No one can know he’s evolved.

Evolved by N.R. Walker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was blown away!

Leave it to Nic Walker when it comes to sweet romance and a few tears!
I mean...this is not even my drug of choices of reading preferences. Robots, cyborg, android, future, dystopian, name it, pffft! Not my cuppa.

But then Nic announced that she was writing about SHAUN (Synthetic Human Android UNit), and I'm like, okay, I 'must' read the book, because, who am I kidding? NR Walker is my automatic read author!
And I'm glad I can read it first hand and kicked my cute butt for doubting Nic. LOL.
I still had a giddy feeling, you know, when you started something and afraid that you won't like it, but excited to start? Yeah. That.

Alas, I enjoyed Shaun and Lloyd 'adventure' of finding love. Enjoyed every page, I was smiling, blushing, crying, angry, and fangirling after Shaun. Like, I wanted to hold him all the time, because, Shaun is so adorable and so cute, and no wonder Lloyd fell for him easily. No, I won't questioned Lloyd ability to easily falling for Shaun. I will easily fall far him in a first sight, if I was in Lloyd's place.
But Shaun is an android, a A-Class androids, and very, very compatible to Lloyd.

But then, you'll ask yourself, but Shaun is practically a robot, a doll, can he feel? Can he think?
Isn't it creepy?
Well, I don't think so. To think again, when I was a child (a long long time ago), people made movies and stories about millennium, and it happened.
Few weeks ago, CNN made a report about human android, and silicone robots to fulfill 'human needs' for 'contact'.

I think Nic Walker is slightly a clairvoyance, at least, in our genre.
And there's nothing's wrong with dreaming.
This book is unputdownable, and has easily become one of my favorite of NR Walker.

Overall, I adored this book, I adored Shaun and Lloyd;s relationship. I can't wait to read it again. This book worth re-reading for. And I can't wait for another 'surprises' from N.R. Walker in the near future! Great work Nic!


Highly recommended!

*ARC provided by the author for a fine, honest and unbiased review.*

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