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ARC REVIEW : Summer Lessons (Winter Ball #2) by Amy Lane



Mason Hayes’s love life has a long history of losers who don’t see that Mason’s heart is as deep and tender as his mouth is awkward. He wants kindness, he wants love—and he wants someone who thinks sex is as fantastic as he does. When Terry Jefferson first asks him out, Mason thinks it’s a fluke: Mason is too old, too boring, and too blurty to interest someone as young and hot as his friend’s soccer teammate.

The truth is much more painful: Mason and Terry are perfectly compatible, and they totally get each other, but Terry is still living with his toxic, suffocating parent and Mason doesn’t want to be a sugar daddy. Watching Terry struggle to find himself is a long lesson in patience, but Mason needs to trust that the end result will be worth it, because finally, he’s found a man worth sharing his heart with.

Summer Lessons (Winter Ball #2)Summer Lessons by Amy Lane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I think Dani said the best here about my opinion, we have the same view of this story.
While I loved Mason so much with his 'no filter' mouth (ever since he's a little boy), I'm kinda not loving Terry that much.

I get it that he's young and need to find out what he wants in his life, but he seemed clueless. And Mason is too easy, I think. I know how desperate Mason to be needed by someone, to accept who he is just the way he is, but still.
I believe they're made for each other and all, but I got pissed to Terry especially when he let Mason did 'that'.

Good thing is, even something happen between the two of them, I'm glad there's no cheating involved, so I think I can give this four stars, because I enjoyed this story despite of me wanted to bitching after Terry so much.

I haven't read the first book of this series, I thing I need to read it to get to know Mason better (?)
Because I've heard something about him and Skip? Yeah, so going to dig in Ritchie and Skip book soon.

*ARC was given by publisher for a fair and unbiased review.*

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 Amy Lane
Amy Lane dodges an EDJ, mothers four children, and writes the occasional book. She, her brood, and her beloved mate, Mack, live in a crumbling mortgage in Citrus Heights, California, which is riddled with spiders, cats, and more than its share of fancy and weirdness. Feel free to visit her at, where she will ride the buzz of receiving your e-mail until her head swells and she can no longer leave the house.


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Aaron Hall has never been able to remain faithful to a single woman, and for most of his life, he’s dated two women at once. Recently his girlfriend tracked him down and knocked on his door—and his live-in girlfriend answered. Now he has no girlfriend and a mortgage he can’t pay by himself.

Vinnie Rosello needs to change his life—get a better job, stop drinking all his money away, find himself a serious boyfriend… and move out of his parents’ house. Aaron needs help with his expenses, so they become housemates.

Even though Aaron harbors some misconceptions about gay men and Vinnie misses his large Italian family, both men find comfort in their friendship. It’s a good arrangement until everything between them changes

Vinnie falls in love with Aaron, and Aaron is shocked to realize he feels the same. There’s only one problem—he’s still straight. He’ll have to overcome his fear of labels in order to love the man who’s captured his heart.


  The Straight Boyfriend (Loving You, #3)The Straight Boyfriend by Renae Kaye
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

How perfect this "A.R.H + V.R.H + C.R.H. 4EVA" for you?
Go read this book, and you'll find out!

Renae Kaye ! You should've seen my face after I finished this!
The dreamy smile to the wall, imagining and enjoying the perfect epilogue gave me!

I'm still on my second read while I write this review, and still have the smile and dreamy face :)
How perfect the ending of this series, you think? You have no idea!
Because this is what's ALL the book I read should have their Epilogue! Sigh!

Just like Liam, Aaron 'is not gay. Aaron is not gay. Repeat. Aaron is NOT gay!'.
Got that?
Denial! Just like Liam's denial in Loving Jay, Aaron's also have a denial that, no way a straight guy can fall in love with a flamboyant Disney Prince's like gay guy! No way!
Yo Aaron, yes way!

I won't give you the story spoiler in this one, but you need to experience your own frustration after Aaron, and all the love you'll feel for Vinnie. Gosh! That guy!
Who doesn't want to ' switch team' for a guy like Vinnie? Hmm...not many. And Aaron is one of those serial straight dater who can finally 'finding' what's he's looking for.
After awhile, he came to realized that he can't imagine his life without Vinnie anymore.
Let's just put this picture of my lovely Lance here, to show you what's Aaron's feeling about his Vinnie. Damn.

And let's put this 'interesting' conversation with Aaron's Mom here...
..."Oh, so you're gay?"
"Not really. But I'm going to be gay with Vinnie. Okay? I love him, and if loving him means I'm gay, then I'll be gay"

And this...
"I love you Aaron. And yes, I will help you. I'll be here and listen with an open mind if you say you're struggling with the gay stuff or the same sex attraction or whatever. Because loving you is easy, so I guess I have to take the bad stuff with the good. It would be easier if you're gay, but I know that you're not. You're Aaron. And whether you're straight or not, you're the guy I love"


Don't worry of not 'seeing' Jay and Liam (especially him!) and Kee and Tate in this book.
They're 'everywhere'!...oh how I miss my Liam and Jay...And how Liam shows how a best friend he is for Aaron... I couldn't love the guy more!

And then after I laugh, I swoon, and cry with Aaron and Vinnie...enter the 'epilogue' !
You'll swooning after that only. This is not a perfect story. Vinnie and Aaron are not perfect but they're perfect for each other. And the epilogue, is just as perfect!
Thank you for the best Epilogue ever Renae!

*.....I miss the boys already :(....*

I'm highly recommended this book to my MM community who love this series right from the start!

*ARC was given by publisher for a fair and unbiased review. Thank you Dreamspinner Press!*

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ARC REVIEW : "RUNNING BLIND" by Venona Keyes and Kim Fielding



 Kyle Green is on top of the world. He and Matt have been together for ten years, and—as the voice of Ecos, the wildly popular anime character—Kyle is treated like a rock star in anime circles. But in an instant, a stroke leaves him blind. When photographer Matt gets the opportunity of a lifetime, Kyle reexamines their relationship, discovers it has been a safety net rather than a true romance, and sets Matt free to pursue his dream. Kyle’s life and career as he knew them are gone, and he must now find the courage and creativity to draft a new plan.

After being away for fifteen years, Seth Caplan comes home to Chicago to care for his mother and to partner with a small start-up tech company. He and Kyle meet after Kyle’s collision with a child’s sidewalk toy, and they hit it off. Kyle wants to get back into running, and Seth becomes his guide. As they get to know each other, they start seeing each other beyond their three-times-a-week runs. But Seth’s revelation of the dark reason why he left his career in California sends the relationship into a tailspin and leaves both men running blind.


  Running BlindRunning Blind by Venona Keyes
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I debated with myself about this book. I liked the cover, I liked the blurb. Is that enough?
Apparently not. Sorry.
I didn't really feel good about the story, mainly the main character, Kyle. As a forty year old guy, Kyle acted and sounded like in his mid twenties or something. I know he's a manga geek and all, but still. Too childish for his age.

After losing his sight, Kyle let go his forever boyfriend and best friend, Matt to follow his dream. And Matt obeyed him. It was kinda sad when Matt felt guilty about it, especially when he's already found someone else after the breakup.
But lacking of romance between Matt and Kyle made it easier for them, I think. My problem is, Lily. Kyle's sister. IMO, she's dominated Kyle's life in all aspect. Annoying sister, you know, always around when you don't want her to be around. I was annoyed all the time by her. She ruined the whole story by her appearance alone. Damn.
And as for Seth, nothing really happened after 60 percent mark of the story. See? Did I mentioned Lily? Yeah, her. She dominated the story. Not good.

Speaking of slow burn, damn, this one is kinda frustrating slow burn. Even Seth felt the UST is killing him. Kyle giving 'taking it slow' a new meaning!
Slow...I mean slooooooooooooowwww ..... grrr!
And all the talk about all manga stuff (I love manga, don't get me wrong), to much technical details, bored me to tears.
I keep coming back asking myself, where's the romance?
Oh yeah...after 85%, phew! Romance, finally! (Still pulling my hair was kind of revelation of my frustration).
At least, Kyle and Seth are finally got their HEA.

Besides, I'm not really familiar with the author's writing style. I think too much telling, less showing is not my thing. In this case, it's me, not you, book.
I'm glad I can finished this book. Onward!

*I was given the ARC by publisher in exchange of an honest and fair review, no high rating required.*

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ARC REVIEW : Matthias (Order of the Black Knights #2) by Alexis Duran



From Louisiana swamp rat to revivalist huckster to skilled con artist, Matthias Krall clawed his way out of poverty using his natural gifts of grift and manipulation to become the leader of an exclusive retreat center. Exploiting the guise of spiritual guru, Matthias seduces the rich and powerful into turning over their lives and fortunes to his control. But wealth and a small cadre of loyal followers can’t protect Matthias from the betrayal he knows is imminent. Everyone wants what Matthias has, except for one man who wants to destroy it. Dylan Connelly is a reporter who’s determined to prove the charismatic recluse is not only a fraud but a murderer.

Irresistibly drawn to Dylan despite the warnings in his gut, Matthias lures Dylan to his island retreat, determined to destroy his enemy once and for all.


Matthias (Order of the Black Knights, #2)Matthias by Alexis Duran
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

* 3,5 stars*

I liked this one better than the previous one. Maybe because Matthias and I studied the same knowledge about Hypnotism and Mesmerism. And I know how it works.
Holding the power of Black Nights and mastering hypnotism made Matthias undeniable to everyone who's willingly fall for him. It's not that he can do everything he wanted.
Understanding hypnotism, you need to be 'willing' to be hypnotized, or on drugs, or in shock or if you are a person of focus.

The story itself is a kind of slow, and a little bit boring if you're not into hypnotism. I admit I put it down a few time, because...I'm sleepy, like Matthias hypnotized me.
--> Onward.

Dylan was obsessed with Matthias since ten years ago, once a stalker and an admirer, then Matthias left him for humiliation (rejection is hurt, my friend), he's finally found out that he need to come back to Matthias to have a closure.
Matthias was a slut, having sex to whoever he wanted. Having a boyfriend for a while and got bored of Jason. Actually, me and Dylan liked Jace. He's sweet and loved Matthias. But Matthias didn't like a clingy lover, and Julian his assistant, made it easy for him to get rid of Jace. Poor Jace.
And for Jace's sake as well, Dylan came to Matthias resort to find out, about what happened to Jason.

Turns out, everybody hides something, including Matthias. But Matthias hide something about Dylan, as well. He also can't get rid of Dylan out of his head. Even after one sexual encounter ten years ago. Dylan did something to him, he didn't understand.

This is getting interesting, sadly after 80 percent mark of the story. The jealous lover, the family, the betrayal and some action happened at the end of the story. Dylan and Matthias didn't have too much time for romance. Three days of sexual conduct, and suddenly in love?
But, well, at least, it's been ten years of yearning.

And then the sex! The sex is sexy and panty wet worthy. It was slow, mesmerizing, and Matthias and Dylan are definitely got the strong chemistry for the sex only.
Overall, this one is quite enjoyable, especially the sexy times between Dylan and Matthias, ditched the therapy session, this will be better read.

* I was given the ARC by Dreamspinner Press in exchange of a fair and unbiased review, no high rating required.*

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ARC REVIEW : The First Act by Vanessa Mulberry



 April 1594. William Moodie thinks he’s in love with celebrated actor, Richard Brasyer. When Brasyer’s playing company, Goldfox’s Men, comes to town, William is only too willing to leave his country life for the opportunities of the theater and a life in London. Determined to become Richard’s apprentice, William seeks to impress his mentor with his acting—and please him in bed.

Meanwhile, Richard struggles to escape his past as a spy and disentangle himself from the manipulations of his former master and ex-lover, Bennett Goldfox. Swearing off a relationship with his new apprentice proves difficult for Richard, as William uses all his youthful charms to seduce him. When Bennett’s life is threatened, Richard is lured back into the game for one final mission, and he and William travel to Cambridge to hunt down a list of traitors to the Crown.

In the midst of danger and deception, Richard and William come to truly see each other, faults and all, and realize their feelings run deeper than either expected


I wish I can give this one more credit, more star. But.
While the story is quite good. The main characters, especially Richard is shallow. Richard is too weak when it comes to Bennett, his ex lover that he, at the very moment after he met William, still craving for Bennett's 'attention'. And like William said, whoring himself to Bennett for five pounds.
Richard keep coming back to Bennett, let Bennett manipulated him for his pleasures he called 'love'.
I didn't see what's William saw in him except his handsome persona and his acting (?), not that he can make much money from that.
William is definitely got a star struck in Richard. And Bennett didn't like it, and wanted him for himself.
And Richard, he followed Bennett's game. Way too disappointed for a hero.
There's so little romance and romantic time between William and Richard, lacking of romance irritated me big time.
They've got their happy ending, but (yeah)...I'm still not sure that's love, especially on William's side.
This is not what I expected from the blurb, love triangles is definitely not my forte.
If it's yours, go for it.

*I received the ARC from Dreamspinner Press in exchange of an honest and fair review. No high rating required.*


Vanessa Mulberry has been reading and writing since she learnt to read and write. She has been an MM romance reader for a decade now and took up writing the genre because she loves happy endings and, ahem, happy endings. Her hobbies include Gin and Tonic.

She lives in Buckinghamshire (which is significantly less posh than it sounds) with her long-suffering husband and their adorable daughter.


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Romancing the Wrong Twin by Clare London


ebook, 256 pages
Expected publication: November 1st 2016 by Dreamspinner Press
1634773721 (ISBN13: 9781634773720)
Edition Language

 How tangled can a romantic web get?

When gruff mountaineer Dominic Hartington-George seeks sponsorship for his latest expedition, his London PA insists on a more media-friendly profile—like dating celebrity supermodel Zeb Z.

Zeb can’t make the date, so he asks his identical twin, Aidan, to stand in for just one evening. Aidan, a struggling playwright, shuns the limelight to the extent people don’t even know Zeb has a sibling, but he reluctantly agrees.

When the deception has to continue beyond the first date, Aidan fights to keep up the pretense. Dominic likes his sassy, intelligent companion, and Aidan starts falling for the forthright explorer. But how long can Aidan’s conscience cope as confusion abounds? Will coming clean as “the other twin” destroy the trust they’ve built?


Romancing the Wrong TwinRomancing the Wrong Twin by Clare London
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a feel good, low angst sweet romance. Kind of the one I like to read from time to time to lightened my mood after a bad book, or high angst book. And usually worked for me.
This one is no exceptional.
The title alone caught my interest, the wrong twin couldn't be so right to romance right?
Because, 'the wrong' one usually is 'the right' one for you. Ha! Am I right, or right?

Losing his finance to climb a mountain again, a celebrity mountaineer Dom, need a new funding to start climbing again, so he have to agree to his manager to date someone, a super model, Zeb Z (gee, what a name). But Zeb can't fulfill the deal that his manager already dealt with Dom's manager.
Oh, I'm not envy with all these celebrity life...
Luckily, Zeb is having a twin brother. An identical one! But Aidan is a closet twin (I have no idea that there's twin in the closet). So the arrangement with the wrong twin has been made.
And the sparkles between Aidan (as Zeb) and Dom was there from the start. But I often wanted to yell at them, especially Aidan to come clear with Dom, about who he really is, after the feeling grew and 'before' the sex happened. But no! These guy need to take a communication skill class for God sake!

But, this is a dreamspun kinda story, so, we don't need too many heartache to see them happy and solved their problem (easily I can say). With a little jealousy and one blue underwear and a little chat, everything's done.
Oh! And the blue underwear? It plays a big deal in their relationship. You'll see :)

Romancing the Wrong Twin is entertaining, fun and cute for a light read.

* I received the ARC from Dreamspinner Press for a fair an unbiased review. No high rating required*

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Clare took the pen name London from the city where she lives, loves, and writes. A lone, brave female in a frenetic, testosterone-fuelled family home, she juggles her writing with her other day job as an accountant. She’s written in many genres and across many settings, with award-winning novels and short stories published both online and in print. She says she likes variety in her writing while friends say she’s just fickle, but as long as both theories spawn good fiction, she’s happy. Most of her work features male/male romance and drama with a healthy serving of physical passion, as she enjoys both reading and writing about strong, sympathetic and sexy characters.

Clare currently has several novels sulking at that tricky chapter 3 stage and plenty of other projects in mind . . . she just has to find out where she left them in that frenetic, testosterone-fuelled family home.

All the details and free fiction are available at her website. Visit her today and say hello!


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 Music is drummer Tim Chalmers’s great escape and the one thing that’s never let him down. But his band Spiral’s meteoric rise to fame has made it difficult for him to maintain a low profile. Unwanted press pesters him after a public breakup with a volatile ex-girlfriend who loves the limelight as much as he loathes it. Tim’s main goal is to avoid confrontation. However, when a handsome stranger in a dive bar turns out to be someone he might know, everything changes.

Carter Hamilton-Temple might be a successful financial consultant with more brains, sophistication, and charm than most, but he always falls for the wrong guys: closet cases or men with issues. He can’t fight his attraction to tattooed rock star Tim, but can he trust his own judgment? When the thrill of danger combined with a fierce physical connection proves too strong for either man to resist, a quiet liaison away from the public eye and curious friends seems like a safe bet. But some secrets are hard to keep. When rumors threaten to rock his world, Tim realizes it’s time to confront his fear with his own kind of honesty.


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

To be honest, this is the first book of this series I've read. Kinda loss about the other band members, but it solved from the start, which was good for people like me.
This is definitely can read as a stand alone, the other characters from the previous series only appeared in a small amount of scenes, except Rand, who's obviously a good friend of Tim.
There's no surprise in celebrity's life that 'public performance' is way much important than your love life, your personal life. And Tim lived there.
No surprise the way his relationship with Carter became a disaster after the 'feeling' involved.
No more 'just sex'.
But, I'm a little conflicted about Carter's need. I recalled he's the one who didn't want 'this to be a relationship", just sex was okay. And Tim agreed of that.
But along the way, as he developed his feeling for Tim, he demanded Tim to obey him, to come out, because he wanted ' a relationship'?
What about a 'just sex' kind of relationship you declared in the beginning, Carter?
You've made Tim confuse, ffs! #TeamTimmy

As for Tim,yeah, we know he's a kind of 'weak', but that's his world, a fake world of entertainment.
I think Carter, need to be a little patient about that too, instead of doing what he did to Tim.
Okay, it made Tim 'moved' to come out, but IMO, it's because Tim afraid to lose Carter.
Poor guy. Still #TeamTimmy.

And I hate Miranda! Some female in MM are oblivious, and that makes me wants to murder them! Repeatedly! Grr.

I was entertained by how the steam Carter and Tim made. They're hot when they're together from the start! And that makes me happy! Ha!
Overall, this is an enjoyable read, I need to get back to the first installment of this series soon. I need to read about Benny!

Oh, and this one? Recommended!

   Lane Hayes is grateful to finally be doing what she loves best. Writing full time! It's no secret Lane loves a good romance novel. An avid reader from an early age, she has always been drawn to a well-told love story with beautifully written characters. These days she prefers the leading roles to both be men. Lane discovered the M/M genre a few years ago and was instantly hooked. Her debut novel, Better Than Good, was a 2013 Rainbow Awards Finalist and her third in the Better Than Stories, Better Than Friends, received an Honorable Mention in the 2014 Rainbow Awards. Lane loves red wine, chocolate and travel, in no particular order (on second thought, maybe wine first). She resides in Southern California with her amazing husband and a regal old yellow Lab in an almost empty nest.

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Guys, this one is a feel good story about friends to lovers. What's not to love. Written by some of my favorite MM authors, this one is must read. I usually avoided anthology, but this one is hard to miss... And all the money you spend for this book, goes for charit.

ALL PROCEEDS will be donated to the wonderful charity -->


I loved the idea of this story. CC is one of those author who can mixed the cuteness and hotness at the same time. Kyle and Brent knew each other for a couple of years, but Kyle appreciate people who’s ‘working’, not some lazy too rich, and ‘not working’ people like Brent. The attraction suddenly fade away. Until one time, Kyle had to accept Brent’s offer to live with him because Brent’s offer is the only way out for Kyle.
I was kinda wanted to slap Kyle all the time because his snarky bitchy comments to Brent, while Brent is all sweet and never mad at him.Even though, they’re having such a ‘mutual’ need relationship while Kyle still bitter about his condition.  But I’m glad that their friend’s Matthew open some conversation about Brent and well, Kyle’s suddenly realized that he was wrong about Brent all the time.
This is short, sweet and cute, with a little hotness in the middle.


Ella writes a sexy friends to lovers story this time. Two clueless best friends Tyler and Connor known each other since forever, but Connor was ‘straight’, having a girl friend, while Ty is  open and proud, he’s also having a boyfriend. Attending Ty’s sister wedding, on a road trip, they’re realized that Connor is not too straight after all.
It’s interesting to see their relationship development and how things ended with both their GF and BF. Cheating? Technically not, imo. I think you should judge it by yourself.
For me, this one is unputdownable, cute and hot as Ella Frank’s hotness. Know what I mean? (Grins)


Leave it to Riley Hart when it comes to friends to lovers story. This one is simply a bit more heavy than the previous two, according my rejection to skip this story for lunch. Book worm, boring Austin is hard to stay in a relationship for too long with his current BF, who’s addressing him as ‘boring’. But Dare, his neighbor and friend for six years found it cute and slowly the ‘mutual attraction’ built after Austin BF broke up with him. One kiss leads to another. Not that simple, because Dare need to ‘work’ for it. Dare is not a person who believe in relationship, because of his past. But he’s in love with his neighbor, it took a while for him to realized that relationship (with Austin) is something he need. Will Austin still be a usual boring self? We’ll find it in epilogue! Yay!


Eric and Zane’s story is kinda reminds me of my very own. Being friends for so many years and didn’t realized that the one who’s always there for you. Is never your boyfriend, but your everyday best friend. To think again, it’s kinda weird lusting after your BFF, but alas, the best lover, is definitely your best friend. I liked it how Eric slowly realized that Nick is not the one he need, but it’s always Zane. All the time. Nice sweet story. But I need an epilogue for this one!


To be honest, this is my first CL story (okay,okay, I’ll read her other stories…too many books too little time, remember?). So, I have no idea who Billie is. But, it’s okay, this one you can read a s a stand alone.
Billie was rooting after Leo, his first crush, his first love. Still keeping his ‘letter’ inside his cooking book (who’s still writing letters today? Leo must be a romantic…). But Leo never wanted Billie that much. Heart broken for nearly four years, Billie didn’t realize that Dylan is there, and Billie doesn’t need Leo, he need Dylan to stand strong all this time! I think Billie is too preoccupied for his past and refused to move on, while Leo has been moved on since the day he said goodbye.
The last goodbye with Billie’s dog is finally opened Billie’s eyes, how much he need Dylan beside him, not Leo. Even Leo was there at the moment. I cried when Billie said goodbye to his dog (man…that was hard…!). But lucky Billie I guess, he has Dylan, when all I have was just some wet tissues. J This one is really good!


When everyone in your life always left, will you believe the one who’s came back will never leave again? Will you believe the one who’s leaving you, disappeared for fifteen years, then said that he wanted you, will never leave you again? In my case, NOT. And Danny.         Disappointed for Paul’s sudden vanished, his only love, his only dream, his first crush, and meet gain in the same office, confused him. Questioning Paul’s motives for approached him after he left. Good thing is, this is a short story (it’s not that I don’t want this to be longer). So, after a few heated conversations, Danny knew why Paul was leaving him, and that’s not pretty. So yeah, they have their HEA, and Felice spoiled us with an epilogue! Everybody’s happy. I’m happy. 


First, don’t miss the dedication part, it will makes you smile.
This is the last story of this anthology, and Nic close it with a wonderful story between Cal and Troy. Best friend since forever. Crush since forever, but never have guts to ‘TALK’! Grr !Instead of talking, they keep dating random people, and disappointed. Time had never really friendly  for them. But then the fishing routine came, and all of their friends all of a sudden, can’t go (this is conspiracy folks!), and they talked. FINALLY! Phew! See how even one small talk can make everything’s right?