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Guys, this one is a feel good story about friends to lovers. What's not to love. Written by some of my favorite MM authors, this one is must read. I usually avoided anthology, but this one is hard to miss... And all the money you spend for this book, goes for charit.

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I loved the idea of this story. CC is one of those author who can mixed the cuteness and hotness at the same time. Kyle and Brent knew each other for a couple of years, but Kyle appreciate people who’s ‘working’, not some lazy too rich, and ‘not working’ people like Brent. The attraction suddenly fade away. Until one time, Kyle had to accept Brent’s offer to live with him because Brent’s offer is the only way out for Kyle.
I was kinda wanted to slap Kyle all the time because his snarky bitchy comments to Brent, while Brent is all sweet and never mad at him.Even though, they’re having such a ‘mutual’ need relationship while Kyle still bitter about his condition.  But I’m glad that their friend’s Matthew open some conversation about Brent and well, Kyle’s suddenly realized that he was wrong about Brent all the time.
This is short, sweet and cute, with a little hotness in the middle.


Ella writes a sexy friends to lovers story this time. Two clueless best friends Tyler and Connor known each other since forever, but Connor was ‘straight’, having a girl friend, while Ty is  open and proud, he’s also having a boyfriend. Attending Ty’s sister wedding, on a road trip, they’re realized that Connor is not too straight after all.
It’s interesting to see their relationship development and how things ended with both their GF and BF. Cheating? Technically not, imo. I think you should judge it by yourself.
For me, this one is unputdownable, cute and hot as Ella Frank’s hotness. Know what I mean? (Grins)


Leave it to Riley Hart when it comes to friends to lovers story. This one is simply a bit more heavy than the previous two, according my rejection to skip this story for lunch. Book worm, boring Austin is hard to stay in a relationship for too long with his current BF, who’s addressing him as ‘boring’. But Dare, his neighbor and friend for six years found it cute and slowly the ‘mutual attraction’ built after Austin BF broke up with him. One kiss leads to another. Not that simple, because Dare need to ‘work’ for it. Dare is not a person who believe in relationship, because of his past. But he’s in love with his neighbor, it took a while for him to realized that relationship (with Austin) is something he need. Will Austin still be a usual boring self? We’ll find it in epilogue! Yay!


Eric and Zane’s story is kinda reminds me of my very own. Being friends for so many years and didn’t realized that the one who’s always there for you. Is never your boyfriend, but your everyday best friend. To think again, it’s kinda weird lusting after your BFF, but alas, the best lover, is definitely your best friend. I liked it how Eric slowly realized that Nick is not the one he need, but it’s always Zane. All the time. Nice sweet story. But I need an epilogue for this one!


To be honest, this is my first CL story (okay,okay, I’ll read her other stories…too many books too little time, remember?). So, I have no idea who Billie is. But, it’s okay, this one you can read a s a stand alone.
Billie was rooting after Leo, his first crush, his first love. Still keeping his ‘letter’ inside his cooking book (who’s still writing letters today? Leo must be a romantic…). But Leo never wanted Billie that much. Heart broken for nearly four years, Billie didn’t realize that Dylan is there, and Billie doesn’t need Leo, he need Dylan to stand strong all this time! I think Billie is too preoccupied for his past and refused to move on, while Leo has been moved on since the day he said goodbye.
The last goodbye with Billie’s dog is finally opened Billie’s eyes, how much he need Dylan beside him, not Leo. Even Leo was there at the moment. I cried when Billie said goodbye to his dog (man…that was hard…!). But lucky Billie I guess, he has Dylan, when all I have was just some wet tissues. J This one is really good!


When everyone in your life always left, will you believe the one who’s came back will never leave again? Will you believe the one who’s leaving you, disappeared for fifteen years, then said that he wanted you, will never leave you again? In my case, NOT. And Danny.         Disappointed for Paul’s sudden vanished, his only love, his only dream, his first crush, and meet gain in the same office, confused him. Questioning Paul’s motives for approached him after he left. Good thing is, this is a short story (it’s not that I don’t want this to be longer). So, after a few heated conversations, Danny knew why Paul was leaving him, and that’s not pretty. So yeah, they have their HEA, and Felice spoiled us with an epilogue! Everybody’s happy. I’m happy. 


First, don’t miss the dedication part, it will makes you smile.
This is the last story of this anthology, and Nic close it with a wonderful story between Cal and Troy. Best friend since forever. Crush since forever, but never have guts to ‘TALK’! Grr !Instead of talking, they keep dating random people, and disappointed. Time had never really friendly  for them. But then the fishing routine came, and all of their friends all of a sudden, can’t go (this is conspiracy folks!), and they talked. FINALLY! Phew! See how even one small talk can make everything’s right?


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