Sunday, 6 November 2016

ARC REVIEW : Catching Heir by Julia Talbot


 Is he in love with an old hotel—or its new owner?

Professional snowboarder Cullen Patrick is successful and kinda famous. So when he inherits an old Colorado hotel from an unknown relative, he really should leave well enough alone.

Matt Nathanson has been managing the Treeline Estates since college. He loved the elderly former owner, and he stands to inherit the place if no one claims it in the next week. Of course, Cullen shows up, and Matt thinks it’s time to move on. He doesn’t want to like Cullen, no matter how engaging the guy is, or how hunky.

Cullen has grand ideas for the Treeline, but he doesn’t want to implement them without Matt, and he’s not sure he’s ready to give up snowboarding. Can Matt convince Cullen that putting down roots is worth it… and maybe catch his heir at the same time?

Catching HeirCatching Heir by Julia Talbot
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

* 2,5 stars.*

Well, umm...

Let me just say this. If you're looking for a story about hotel management, hotel food, hotel daily activity, less romance and a fade to black sex, MCs who's busy with hotel's daily life, eat, eat, snacking, eat, eat, snacking, eat, and some 'honey' and 'babe', like all the time. Oh, did I mentioned 'eat'? Yeah.

This one is for you. And not for me.

The cover though, it's gorgeous, and the blurb tempted me to read this one. That was that.
*Unpleasant sigh...*

* ARC was given by Dreamspinner press in exchange of a fair an unbiased review. No high rating required.*

PS. *This book made me fat*

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