Thursday, 10 November 2016

ARC REVIEW : The Playmaker by Andrew Grey

Professional football player Hunter Davis is learning that saying he’s gay is very different from actively being in a relationship with another man—especially in the eyes of his teammates and fans. So when Hunter needs a personal assistant to keep him organized, he asks for a woman in order to prevent tongues from wagging.

Montgomery Willis badly needs to find work before he loses everything. There’s just one position at the agency where he applies, but the problem is, he’s not a woman. And he knows nothing about football. Still, Hunter gives him a chance, but only because Monty’s desperate.

Monty soon proves his worth by saving Hunter’s bacon on an important promotional shoot, and Hunter realizes he might have someone special working for him—in more ways than one. Monty’s feelings come to the surface during an outing in the park when Hunter decides to teach Monty a bit about the game, and pictures surface of them in some questionable positions. Hunter is reminded that knowing he’s gay and seeing evidence in the papers are two very different for the other players, and he might have to choose between two loves: football and Monty.

The PlaymakerThe Playmaker by Andrew Grey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

* 3,5 stars *

This is a cute feel good story I need after some bad news I've heard from the whole world 11/9. You know which one.
I was glad I found Monty and Hunter. Especially Monty, because sometimes I have to hold my urge to slap Hunter. I get that he's 'like that' but didn't mean that I allowed him to act stupid like that. Thank God he has Joe to remind him how precious Monty for him.
I'm kinda hate Hunter's father, what kind of father was he? Duh.
I liked Monty and Hunter's relationship, but I found it was lacking of chemistry between them, not as strong as I wanted at least. Less bonding time and less heat between them probably was the one that caused it. No idea.
But overall, if you need very low angst, feel good and sweet story, go for it. Monty is cute and adorable. I liked him a lot.

* I was given the ARC by Dreamspinner Press for a fair and unbiased review, no high rating required*

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