Monday, 22 January 2018

REVIEW : Table for One by Connie Bailey


Exposing his body for work is no problem, but after his heart’s been broken, putting it out there again won’t be so easy.

Up-and-coming young executives Copeland Shore and William Donnelly have been friends and sometimes more for years. For Cope’s birthday, Will plans a very special dinner—at a nantaimori restaurant where the most enticing thing is the table. Dai—the naked man beneath their sushi—has both their mouths watering, but when it comes to Dai’s heart, there’s only room at the table for one, and Will gets there first.

Will’s everything Dai thinks he wants in a man… until he’s betrayed. The betrayal also ends the friendship between Will and Cope and leaves Dai shaken and unsure if he can put his trust in another man—not even when a second chance for love and happiness rises from the ashes of the broken relationship. Cope wants to tempt Dai to take a risk with him, but the pain of the past is hard for Dai to shake off… and Cope has obstacles of his own to overcome.

 Table for OneTable for One by Connie Bailey
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

It's hard to like this book except for the gorgeous cover.
Everyone's stupid. Dai is stupid for assuming that Will is the the one he's looking for, Cope is stupid for trying to play mysterious, Will is an asshole the whole time. The only one I can stand is Harow, Dai's BFF. He's okay, better than anyone even.
And there's Brad, a guy between Will and Cope. It's actually Dai's sex marathon experience.
And it's boring.
I did some skimming through the last 50 percent mark and I didn't care if Cope and Dai got their HEA. It was a HFN, I'm not sure about their future though.

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