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Lead Me Not by Ann Gallagher

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Read from June 17 to July 15, 2015 — I own a copy

*** 5 STARS!***

*ARC given by Netgalley for review*

"“I found answers I didn’t know I was looking for. I found forgiveness where I didn’t know I needed it. And I found love I didn’t know existed.”"
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I was skeptical when I read this story. I'm not really into a Christian Romance. And reading some reviews, there's no sex, it's clean romance, which I rarely liked. But, hey, we don't need sex if the story was 'that good', right.
But this is L.A. Witt writing as Ann GallagherAnn Gallagher. So I give it a try.
Right from the start, I'm hooked!

I loved Colton and Isaac's chemistry. They're definitely made for each other.
One homophobic and one with a tortured trauma, it was a hard composition, made they made it !
I really loved Pastor Mike and Ruth. Best part of Colton and Isaac relationship ! And there were Chris and Julien from No Distance Left to Run , oh how I missed the guys.

Colton stole my heart with what he had been though, with the trauma and shitty parents. You know, parents who wanted to 'CURE' their son's homosexuality, blah lah blah !

"“I’ve found a therapist in town who specializes in curing homosexuals,” his father had declared. “He’ll fix—”
“That’s the part you want to fix?” Colton had asked coldly. “I’ve been raped, pimped, homeless, and hooked on things you’ve probably never even heard of, but priority one is getting the gay out of me?”

And the struggling Isaac with his 'unknown sexuality', that made his ex wife run away and Ruth tried to open his eyes about that. The feeling inside, the fight with his inner self, that's a hard battle for sure. Not very easy to accept who you really are, unless, something hit you on the head and makes you 'wake up'!

"“Colton, wait.”
Against his better judgment, Colton turned around.
Isaac spoke just loud enough for him to hear: “I’m sorry.”
“Not as sorry as I am.”
Colton thanked God for his pounding heart. At least that drowned out the rest of Isaac’s pleas long enough for him to get inside and let the big steel door slam behind him.

And there are some sweet moments that made me hold my breath, especially the first kiss.
Isaac and Colton's first kiss was THE.BEST.EPIC.FIRST.KISS.EVER.!

"“Because the first step toward healing is knowing the truth. And for some people, the next step is knowing your apology was heard by the heart it was intended for.”"

I hope I can write a proper review for this one. But the problem with books I loved, is always, writing a review.
This one is a must read. Highly recommended !

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