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Blood & Milk by N.R. Walker

Blood & MilkBlood & Milk by N.R. Walker
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Heath Crowley is an Australian man, born with two different coloured eyes and the gift—or curse—of having premonition dreams. He also has nothing left to live for. Twelve months after having his life upended, his dreams tell him where he needs to be. So with nothing―and no one―to keep him in Sydney, he simply boards a plane for Tanzania. Not caring if he lives or dies, Heath walks into a tribe of Maasai and asks to stay. Granted permission, he leaves behind the name and heartbreak of Heath and starts over with the new Maasai name of Alé.

From the day of his birth, Damu has always been an outcast. The son of the chief and brother to the great warrior leader, Damu is reminded constantly that he’s not good enough to be considered a man in the eyes of his people. Ordered to take responsibility for Alé, Damu shares with him the ways of the Maasai, just as Alé shares with Damu the world outside the acacia thorn fence. But it’s more than just a cultural exchange. It’s about trust and acceptance, finding themselves, and a true sense of purpose.

Under the African sky on the plains of the Serengeti, Heath finds more than just a reason to live. He finds a man like no other, and a reason to love.


*I beta read this book for sensitivity matters*

I knew that Nic, at first considering NOT to release this book, because of the sensitive matters in the book. But after let some of Maasai natives read the book, and sent it to some of us to beta for this, she decided to finally release the book.
I was glad. Because this book is a gem. This is a different one from N.R. Walker, but still with NR Walker awesomeness that we love.

I never expected there's angst in Nic's books, not one. It's always sweet and adorable, fulfill my sweet teeth without giving me diabetes :)
But from the Prologue until almost the ending, I expected and felt like something is going to happen. You know the feeling, right?
When everything's are so smooth and fine and sweet, then... 'something' happened to our heroes. And it hit me hard and I started to cry. Not that I wasn't crying from the start, for this is one of the most beautiful story this author had been written. And I'm smitten with both Heath/Ale and Damu the Maasai guy, who never seen the world and lived in his own secluded place with his people.

I cried every time Damu threatened less than a man by his people. But Damu, that sweet, sweet boy, he's just accepted what his faith gave him, you know? Until Heath came into his life and change everything. And he knew that he's not living his life all this time.
I can say, Heath's love for Damu is unconditional. He's been through hard times, sacrificed everything to make Damu his.

The story told in a beautiful manners, as we know, NR Walker and her ability to make us swoon and cry at the same time, even for one unimportant scene or quotes.
So, if you need to find something a bit different read from this author, this book is wort to wait and read. And also, this kind of book, rare to find in or MM genre.
So, go for it. This one is one of my best read of this year !



I am so NOT telling about this. This is going to be a surprise ! Ha!

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