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ARC review : A Matchless Man (Lexington Lovers, #2) A Matchless Man by Ariel Tachna



None of the matches caught his eye as much as the matchmaker himself.

Growing up poorer than poor didn’t leave Navashen Bhattathiri many options for life outside of school. All of his concentration was on keeping his scholarships. Sixteen years later, he’s fulfilled his dream and become a doctor. Now he’s returning home to Lexington and is ready to prove himself to the world. In doing so, he reconnects with Brent Carpenter—high school classmate, real estate agent, all-around great guy… and closet matchmaker.

Brent makes it his mission to help Navashen develop a social life and meet available, interesting men. Unfortunately Navashen’s schedule is unpredictable, and few of those available, interesting men value his dedication like Brent does. Brent’s unfailing friendship and support convince Navashen he’s the one, but can he capture Brent’s heart when the matchmaker is focused on finding Navashen another man?


I usually connect with Ariel, but I don't believe this time I can connect with the story or even the writing style.
I have no idea why. But I felt like I read Nav's diary instead of 'a story'.
I got bored easily reading about his activity finding a house, arrange furniture, dinner and during the meals...you know, daily stuff.
And not to mention Nav's mother, she's so annoying :(
I'd say, this one was too much telling. The 'romance' between Nav and Brent only at the near ending, around 20 percent mark to the end and I'm not quite satisfied.
This book tells even more about Nav brother's relationship with Brent.
This is a decent story, but not memorable. I need more 'feeling' and 'chemistry' between the two MCs, I didn't have it.

*ARC provided by publisher for a fair and unbiased review. No high rating required.*

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