Monday, 19 March 2018

ARC REVIEW : Omega's Prince (Baby Makes Three, #5) by Bella Bennet


When Omega figure skater Jeff and incognito Alpha Prince Henrik spend one steamy night together at the Olympics, they find themselves with a surprise pregnancy on their hands.
Now, the star crossed lovers must decide what they want. Can Jeff give up his career in America for a family life in Sweden? Can closeted Prince Henrik come out to claim Jeff and their unborn child with a royal wedding?

An Omega too famous to find love.
As an Olympic figure skater, Jeff was known far and wide. He had no problem finding men to date, but finding men that wanted him for himself and not his fame? Not so much.

An Alpha too far from the throne to matter.
As the youngest of four royal siblings, Prince Henrik is used to living in the public eye. But as the head of the Swedish delegation to the Olympic Games, he finds himself in the spotlight more than ever. So when given the chance to sneak into the Olympic Village and attend one of their infamous parties, he takes it.

Just a one-night stand.
Sassy Jeff is more than a match for the hot, tall blond on the dance floor ...and in bed. But there's no chance of them working out. They're too different, and the Swede has a secret.

Continents apart
Jeff can't stop thinking about the hot Swede, Henrik, whoever he was. Henrik's attempts to ease his heartbreak at letting the American go by throwing himself into his official duties do him no good.

When a chance encounter reunites the lovers, it seems like fate has given them a second go at the lives they both yearn for.

Can Prince Henrik tame the skittish figure skater Jeff and prove that their relationship could work, especially with a baby on the way?

Omega's Prince is a steamy 60,000 word Mpreg gay romance with a sassy twink, hot texting, royal wedding, baby and blissfully ever after.

 Omega's Prince (Baby Makes Three, #5)Omega's Prince by Bella Bennet
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This story reminds me so much to one particular sassy figure skater from USA, which is one of LGBTQ icon lately, what he did made internet exploded.

Despite of what I imagine about Jeff, this is actually a sweet 'steamy' romance, low angst, cinderfella vibes all over the place, and mpreg. In the parallel life of omega verse world.
Love at first sight is always interesting to read, add a dream come true, and a Prince!
I liked some part of the book, on how much Henrik cannot live without his sassy omega and how he came out to public because of Jeff. But there's something missing. The chemistry was kind of lacking between the two of them except the hot sex.
This was an okay read for me, as for you, try this one, if you're a figure skating lover and want to see his HEA, amybe this book is for you.

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