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REVIEW : The Story of Us by Barbara Elsborg

42645127Two boys. One love. Ten summers.

Are you okay?
The first words Zed says to Caspian, and the first time someone has cared about the answer. On a hot summer’s day, the lives of two boys are changed forever. A rebel and a risk taker, Caspian doesn’t give a damn for the consequences. Studious and obedient, Zed is the good boy who is never good enough.

The two couldn’t be more different, but there’s one thing they share, a need to belong to someone who understands them, someone who cares. Their friendship goes deeper than either can possibly imagine. They’re young, in love, and planning their future when an act of betrayal tears them apart.

Fate deals its hand. Seasons pass. Zed’s words follow Caspian through pain, fear and into the darkest of places. Friendships can last a lifetime, even when the world conspires to crush them. But this is more than friendship. This is love and they’re not going to let it slip through their fingers.

The Story of Us is a tale of love and survival, and the triumph of good over evil against the odds. It's a new adult contemporary romance that deals with family and social issues. There is violence and cruelty to children but not sexual assault. The story has sexual situations, dark elements and suspense. The events and locations are a mixture of real and fictional. The characters are fictional

  The Story of UsThe Story of Us by Barbara Elsborg
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Buddy read with Zane Kage.

This is our story. We can make it whatever we want it to be.

Young love is rarely stay forever. However, Zed and Caspian made it happen, but not without shred their blood, literally.
I love reading about young love, but you know about my feeling about their tortured life in books, or wherever in reality. My heart is always bleeding.

I'm a muslim myself, I know some people (many of them), who has view Islam like Zed's father. Alhamdulillah I was raised in Indonesia in my young age, where Islam mingled with local tradition, not Arabic tradition. My mom and dad, I thank them forever, who raised me as a modern muslim, so my view of Islam is different. I play piano, singing, not wearing hijab, my son's gay.
And my parents didn't blink an eye for that.
Enough about me.

Felt sorry for Zed for his life, but mostly for Caspian for what he had been trough to reach his happiness. I believed that some people need more punishment in this story. But Caspian was young, very young, and thinking with his young pride, stubbornness, and less of logic.
I'm happy for Zed, he found Henry and Jonas after what happened in London, for the love he had given by them, unconditionally.
But Caspian...sigh, poor baby Caspian, a rich boy, to a con, then nobody after. :(
This author tortured me with how much angst, after angst, after angst, after angst, I kept holding my breath until the last part, just prepared myself for another twist. And I keep reading this author's books, and I will be, in the future.

I recommend this book for everyone to read, this was so good, heartbreaking even, but sure this author knew how to mend a broken heart.
Thumbs up!

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