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ARC review : The Senator's Secret by K.C. Wells



 Politics, puppy dogs, and passion, oh my!

When his Republican opponent outs him with a photo in a Facebook post, Senator Samuel Dalton doesn’t have many options open to him. It doesn’t matter that the photo is totally innocent. He has no choice but to come clean… until his staff suggest putting a spin on it that leaves Sam reeling.

Sure, he’ll end up with a lot of sympathy, not to mention the possibility of more voters from the LGBT community, but it still seems a pretty drastic solution.

Now all they have to do is persuade Gary, the other man in the photo, to play along. It sounds so easy: convince the constituents of North Carolina that he and Sam are engaged.

No big deal, except for the fact that they’ve only just met….

Expected publication: September 1st 2016 by Dreamspinner Press, LLC
Original Title
The Senator's Secret
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The Senator's Secret by K.C. Wells
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


...I loved Sam and Gary ! This book was so much fun !...

Met outside the office when they're sneaking for a smoke Gary and Sam didn't know that one 'congratulation hug' can be their union.
Gary is only working in telemarketing division at Sam's campaign office for running a campaign as Senator, while waiting for his class to be a Vet.
But one photo on Facebook change their life forever.
This is an almost no angst cinderfella story with a Senator campaign as a background.
How many gay people is still virgin at age 33? Not much. But Sam was a virgin, because, shy, politics and all.
Outed by his rival in a campaign, finally was kind of blessing in disguise for Sam. He met Gary, someone he will never look at if they're not out for smoke that day.
I liked it how the author didn't rush the sex.
Virgin, everyone.
I didn't realized there's no sex after 70%, they're only shared kisses...and sex only happened once, at 84%. Almost feels like a clean romance, almost. But the sex is worth waiting for, it was sexy and full of love between the two MCs. I didn't mind waiting.
This is the story about finding what you truly wants in the middle of ambition, what's truly your intention in life. About family and priorities.
And there's 'Dinky'! OMG this dog...he's so cute and adorable...and why did no one wanted to adopt him before? You'll find why, and it's hilarious!
I'm a sucker of a great Epilogue, and I can say, I'm satisfied, because...Dinky !


*ARC was given by Publisher for a fair and unbiased review. Review made by Lilly for Lelyana's Book Blog*

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