Friday, 5 August 2016

Wrenches, Regrets, And Reality Checks (Grease Monkeys Inc.) by L.A. Witt



2nd Edition

When Reggie’s garage became part of a popular reality show, business went through the roof. And he supposes having his shop in the black is a fair trade for jumping through the network’s hoops.

As the show’s lowest-ranking producer, Wes is tasked with proposing a new spin-off show to Reggie. The sexy mechanic makes him sweat on a normal day, but this time, Wes is holding cards he can’t show. With execs breathing down his neck, he’s expected to pitch a show Reggie will never agree to do, even if his rejection puts his existing show on the line.

The network is counting on Reggie refusing to sign. But they’re not counting on their messenger falling for the man they’re trying to fire.

I read the second edition.
This is a part of the series I came to really like, because, mechanics !
But as much as I like LA Witt, the ending didn't give me satisfaction. It was nearly a HFN, but not even a HFN, just promises. It ended all of a sudden after 'that night'. And I'm still pissed.
But overall (except for the ending), this has a vibes of the series, even though I have no idea why the network wanted Reggie out in a first place. I guess, rating? But why Reggie, not the whole crew?
Just cut off the production and done. But, whatever.
I'll probably will have the answer in the next book of this series. And I'll definitely read it.
This one is short, same as the other two earlier, kinda entertaining, especially the heat factor :)
Worth to try.

* Review copy provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for an honest review. Reviewed by Lilly from Lelyana's Book Blog. *


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