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ARC REVIEW : Cleansing Flame (Rekindled Flame #2) by Andrew Grey


Sequel to Rekindled Flame

Rekindled Flame: Book Two

Life has been grinding Dayne Mills down almost for as long as he can remember. First he lost the love of his life in an accident that also left him with a permanent injury, and then his mother passed away a year later. When his house burns to the ground, it’s the last straw. He can’t take any more, and if it wasn’t for kind and handsome firefighter Lawson Martin offering him a hand up and a place to stay, he doesn’t know what he’d do. Dayne would love for his relationship with Lawson to evolve into something beyond charity, but he knows going after a man so far out of his league will only lead to yet more heartache. It’s best to just keep his mind on his research.

It’s that research that leads Dayne to an old student journal that not only provides clues to the Native American heritage Lawson has been searching for, but chronicles a century-old love story. The tale that unfolds might be just what Dayne and Lawson need to remind them that no matter how dark life becomes, love can find a way to shine through.

Cleansing Flame (Rekindled Flame #2)Cleansing Flame by Andrew Grey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This another modern fairy tales. I'm glad I can read this book earlier.
I always have a weakness for a geek story. And Dayne is definitely a geek. And one more plus point is, he met Lawson (his savior) at the library :)
Fair warning : this is an insta love, this is at some point a little out of reality (meeting a stranger and accepted his offer to live with him is a bit creepy, but the reason behind that, make sense).
Okay, I'm a hopeless romantic. I loved this kind of 'relationship', based on 'blind trust' between the two guys.

The attraction started early, as I mentioned earlier, at the library, before Dayne lost everything.
This is sweet and adorable and dreamy, no real angst between the two guys, except how much Dayne trying to tell Lawson that he must leave and Lawson keep telling him 'not to', and Dayne obeyed. sweet...
The only twist is when something happened to Lawson, and it ended well, don't worry.
Andrew Grey is sweet like that.
Overall, this entertaining and adorable if you're looking for a light read. I recommend this one.

*ARC provided by Dreamspinner Press for LBB in exchange of a fair and unbiased review.*

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