Thursday, 23 February 2017

ARC REVIEW : The Sparky by Marek Moran


Aaron’s been living in what his friend Howie calls a sexual desert. But an oasis appears on the horizon when Paul, a divorced electrician with a five-year-old daughter named Sam, moves in next door. He’s a country boy from northern Australia, and although he’s never been with a guy before, he has an impression that anything goes in the city. They find that the ordinary things in life—books, footie in the park, looking after Sam—lead them into an unlikely relationship.

But as their relationship slowly deepens, with Aaron spending time on Paul’s family’s cattle station, it becomes clear that Paul might have a harder time leaving the country behind. To him, happiness means a conventional life—including a mother for Sam. Being with his old friends convinces him he’s on the wrong path with Aaron, and he starts a relationship with a girl from his hometown. If he cannot find the courage to go after what he truly needs, he and Aaron will become nothing more than awkward neighbours.
The SparkyThe Sparky by Marek Moran
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

*Ranting ahead...*

This is not I expected.
This is the case it's me book,not you.
I didn't like Paul. And Aaron is too doormat for my taste.
And there's cheating (imo,you can have your own opinion after you read this), and with a woman ffs!

It started very well in the beginning, a little bit slow, but i didn't mind. If not because of Paul's daughter, Sam, I'll probably pissed off even more.
I get that Aaron need to moved on real fast after being dumped by his 'not really' a boyfriend.
But Paul never been with a guy before, he's straight and he doubted his 'intention' to Aaron. Okay he mingled well with Aaron's friends and all. But in my opinion, Paul is too shallow.
How could he sleep with Aaron and brought Aaron to his family and then dumped Aaron over a 'woman'???
I was so mad at him, I can't even...!
And Aaron is no better, he sounded really desperate, forloving, whatever.
I would love it, if Aaron dumped Paul and ended with Howie his best friend for so long...
And then after he broke up with that woman, he's just came to Aaron and wanted Aaron back, and Aaron was just OKAY with that?

I'm disappointed.
*ARC provided by Dreamspinner press for an honest and fair review.*

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