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From the ashes of his past rises an alpha ready to take what he wants.
Professional Dom Cedric Langston isn’t afraid to bring an omega to his knees, but he’s vowed to never let one into his heart. After a tragic event five years prior almost destroyed him, he can’t risk getting hurt again. With a prestigious career shift on the horizon, it’s safer to lose himself in work than to open himself up—
—until he runs headfirst into an omega who makes him never want to hide away again.

Twisted by cruel subservience at a young age, an omega exists ready to please.
Gabriel Lowe is free from the horrors of his past, but his heart refuses to move on. He’s lost his purpose, his place in life, and the man he thought would give him a family. The world is a harsh place for a broken omega, and when his rehabilitation therapy fails and he returns to the only family he has left, it gets harsher.

He’s told he will be entrusted to an alpha—a professional Dom whose kindness and compassion Gabriel can’t understand.
But when what should have been nothing more than a job ignites into blistering desire, Cedric and Gabriel are faced with a choice: cling to the demons of their past, or give in to what they’ve found in each other—a way to heal.

Heal is an 85,000 word BDSM omegaverse novel set following the events of Obey, Beg, and Stay. It features a stunning use for a frying pan, red-hot body piercings you won’t see coming, and two men who overcome almost insurmountable obstacles to make a family.

This novel alludes to sensitive topics some readers may find difficult, including abuse, violence, and human trafficking. However, a happy ending isn’t only promised, it’s guaranteed.


HealHeal by Piper Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If Cedric wasn’t careful, he knew that a boy like this would undo him. Piece by piece, he’d dismantle the carefully established boundaries Cedric had put in place and leave him flayed open like a frog on a dissection table, all of his vulnerabilities exposed.

This is not an easy story to begin with. With a heartbreaking opening until everything about Gabriel made me cry.
Everybody should read this book and start to fight against human trafficking (if you haven't).
It destroyed people, destroyed family.
Of course this is 'only' a story and fiction, you say. But the truth is, there's human trafficking out there, modern slavery is still growing out there. And it breaks my heart knowing some kids torn away from their family for people with no heart, predators :(

I won't bore you with the story outline, but read this book. This is so good. I was captivated from the beginning, read in one sitting and had an urge to hold Gabriel and Cedric in my hands.
Overreacted? I don't think so.
Sure this is a not your usual read, probably. It's an MM/ Mpreg/ Alpha Omega genre. But this is also enjoyable story to savor.
I haven't read the previous book, but you can read it as a stand alone, I have no problem adjusting.
This is also my first book of this author(s), I will definitely looking forward to read the books by this author(s) in the near future.
With a good writing skill, great story, fast pace, gripping issue...glad I found this book.
I really recommend this one!

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PIPER SCOTTPiper Scott is the brainchild of three romance authors who realized that while telling stories is almost guaranteed to be fun, telling them with someone else is even better.

We hope you enjoy yourself in our stories - and remember that love always wins.

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