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Number Thirteen by Bella Jewel

Number Thirteen

Number Thirteen by Bella Jewel
My rating: 1 of 5 stars


***Spoler alert!***

Read at your own risk! I didn't even know how to rate this!

Those gifs are what I felt during and after I read the book.
I finally found out this book was different, but not totally different.

I felt like I was reading Sherri Hayes's books, Slave series (which I gave all 5 excellent stars).. And at some point, I felt like I read again, about that Bluebeard guy, remember him?

I think William was sick, he need therapy instead of playing a Seikh and his harem!

I felt sorry for William's tortured past, but did he really need to make a harem? I mean, really?
I felt sorry for what life fucked with him, but can't he just free them? Instead of making them hs robots and called them by numbers? Really? Really?

I know, he didn't f*** all of the 13 girls...he was just mouth fucked number twelve and only fucked number thirteen and declared his love for her in the end...
But, still...really? *rolls eyes*

But in William's case...well, I didn't see any strong reason for him to 'own' them all.
Even he only have a heart for number thirteen....

I found it, lack of mature from William. He hate bullies, but he became bullies for the girls, with excuses that he protect them. But he teach them with lashes and beat them up and locked them in the basement and starved them?

There's so many questions in my head that need answers..but I didn't have it in this book.

1. What was going on with that bully when he was a kid?

2.Ben and Will are twins, why did their parents separated them? (didn't make sense to me at all)

3.Why bullying the girls after he freed them from their previous life?

4.Seemed that he came from a rich and fortune, but why they seemed can't afford a plastic surgery?

5.He was in trauma back then, no Psychiatrist for him, people???

6.Why did the Police can't find out where did he bought the girls?

7.No case? Really, Mr.Policeman? So many case to sue him!

8.Where did number 6 (the earlier girl) went? Did she die?

9.If he really wanted to 'teach' the girl and 'taking care' of them, why treated them like animals?

10.The Josh guy, where did Bill find him? William seemed very organized man, but he seemed very careless for picking up a new bodyguard.

11.The amnesia formula seemed very hi-tech to me, where did he find it?

12.Where did he do all the so called experiment with the memories?

13.If he have so much money in the present day, why can't he tried to find a Plastic Surgeon, instead being crazy all the time ffs!!???

Or maybe, he's kinda hot like this? Who need surgery after all? *grin*

There...13 questions...anybody can answer that?

I admit I was hooked from the beginning...not in a good way, but ..well...curiosity kills a cat, right? Right?

There's some quotes I liked below...but I think I'm not really get along with this book as much as I expected, though.

Maybe, this is just not for me.
You guys, probably loved it!
Just give it a try, will you?

“Nothing can hurt more than losing the only thing you’ve ever fought for.”

"Hàve patience, Beauty. Patience is the strength of the soul...."

"“Why do you keep my memories from me?”
“Sometimes memories are best left forgotten,” he murmurs into my hair.
“It’s not your right to take them.”
“It’s not your right to have them when they cause nothing more than pain,”

"“Why?” I say, getting to my feet. “Because you’re not perfect? No one is, William. Having a facial flaw does not change what’s inside. It doesn’t make you ugly—only you can make yourself ugly.”"

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