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ARC REVIEW : The Crofton Chronicles by Rebecca Cohen


When his sister reneges on her engagement to Anthony Redbourn, Earl of Crofton, actor Sebastian Hewel must play his most difficult role yet: impersonating his sister in order to restore the family name and pay off his father's debt, inThe Actor and the Earl. But Anthony is shrewder than the siblings had guessed, and now Sebastian and Anthony have to decide how far they're willing to play this part. InDuty to the Crown, Sebastian is happily playing the part of his sister Bronwyn, wife to the Earl of Redbourn, when the Queen asks Anthony to seduce Marie Valois to find out information about her father. With Marie and her brother, Lord Nicholas, both interested in seducing Sebastian, Anthony and Sebastian both have delicate roles to play if they're to keep their secret. InForever Hold His Peace, Sebastian's role as "Bronwyn" becomes more precarious when she is accused of witchcraft with planted evidence. Together, Anthony and Sebastian must decide if it's time for Bronwyn to retire her place to protect their love. Over four centuries later, inSaving Crofton Hall, the current Earl of Crofton, Benjamin Redbourn, is not going to lose Crofton Hall without a fight. Ashley Niven is the perfect man to help make Crofton Hall pay for itself, if Benjamin and Ashley can get past their attraction to each other, and if the secrets that the house is hiding doesn't destroy them first.See excerpt for individual blurbs.

A Timeless Dreams title: While reaction to same-sex relationships throughout time and across cultures has not always been positive, these stories celebrate M/M love in a manner that may address, minimize, or ignore historical stigma


The Crofton ChroniclesThe Crofton Chronicles by Rebecca Cohen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


This is a refreshing reading historical again. I think I read this one at the right time.
I really enjoyed this one, despite my constant need to slap Anthony for his clueless and stupid and idiotic behavior ! There I said it.
Good thing is, Sebastian made his choice to make him 'work' for having Sebastian.
I really wanted to jump into the book at 80 percent mark to smack Anthony's head! I mean, seriously? Stupid much?
Of course I can understand what kind of man Anthony was before he married Bronwyn/Sebastian, but still.
I was tempted to give this one one star instead of four, because of that one moment of Sebastian's heartache. But it won't be fair for Sebastian, because I liked him a lot, especially after he made it clear to Anthony, that he's not that cheap and easy!
I need to read book two, but I'm a little coward. Because the blurb is not doing good for my 'trust issues'.

Note to author : Anthony is an Earl. The mention of 'His Grace' was kind of annoyed me. I think Sebastian should called him 'My Lord' instead of 'His Grace'. He's not a Duke.


Too much drama, but I enjoyed this one as well.
Because, Anthony.
I was having fun 'seeing' that Anthony got the 'lesson'. Now that's what I called 'equality'.

Got that, Anthony? How did it feels like?
Sebastian though, I feel like he'll be better if he's a transgender. Less complication, I think.

Note to author : a little research about British nobility would be appreciated. No one called an Earl 'His Grace' (it's for the Duke). Anthony should called The Honourable, or just the Earl or Lord.
This is a bit annoyed me from time to time while I was reading.


Last book about Anthony and Sebastian. Kinda down hill through the end of the book.
Especially the epilogue. Not my favorite epilogue for sure.
No worries about Anthony and Sebastian HEA. They have it. But in the 17th century, you couldn't expect more than to 'still' covered your same-sex relationship. That's sad. Even for now, right?

I enjoyed at least half of the story, and I wish I skipped the epilogue.

Except for the history of Anthony and Sebastian. If not for the sake of them, I'd probably dnf this book at 25% mark.
No chemistry between Ben and Ashley, they're just dancing around avoiding the attraction and that was irritated the hell out of me.
The author though did a good job (finally) about the history. I thought this was a romance, but I was searching for romance between Ben and Ashley like looking for a needle in a haystack!
This was more about saving Crofton Hall instead of romance.
Oh, wait! Look at the title !
It is about SAVING CROFTON HALL ! *smirk*

Recommended all three of the earlier about Anthony and Sebastian, but if you want to know about their 'history' read Saving Crofton Hall, but don't expect any great chemistry like Anthony and Sebastian had.

* I received the ARC from publisher in exchange of fair and unbiased review.

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