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ARC REVIEW : Model Bodyguard (Haven Investigations, #2) by Lissa Kasey


Things are going well for androgynous model Ollie Petroskovic, ex-Marine Kade Alme, and their business, Haven Investigations, until rock star Jacob Elias shows up in need of their services… and trouble follows.

Jacob is a playboy with a serious penchant for kink, slaves, and sex toys. He’s also Ollie’s ex—and all that implies. With the media exploiting his personal life, a stalker sending blood-soaked “gifts,” a bumbling security team, and a family he can’t trust as far as he could throw them, Jacob is in desperate need of a bodyguard for his latest tour, and Kade can’t refuse.

While Kade deals with new doubts about his partnership with Ollie and struggles with reminders of his war injuries, Jacob’s stalker escalates from blackmail and threats to murder. As Kade and Ollie work to keep Jacob safe and find the culprit behind the attack, a web of family secrets, lies, and abuse slowly emerges, leading up to a final confrontation that they might not walk away from—and that will have lasting repercussions for Kade and his relationship with Ollie.

Model Bodyguard (Haven Investigations, #2)Model Bodyguard by Lissa Kasey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*Fair warning : For all those who groaned over the teaser at the end of Model Citizen for being a cliffhanger. This is a cliffhanger.*

I was temped to skip this one because of the cliffhanger. At first.
But then after I read a few early chapters, I can't just ignored it. I know Jacob will will be a test for Kade and Ollie's relationship. Because, damn, even Kade admitted that Jacob is freaking hot. And he's worried all the time every time Jacob near Ollie.

But I didn't find it was annoying every time Kade need to be near Ollie when Jacob's around. He's a mother hen all the time. And Ollie, he's getting more and more attached to Kade, thankfully!
Kinda cute how Ollie took his breakfast every morning. I think I want that too, Kade is just so right for him.

I hated Jacob in the beginning, because, he hit on Ollie all the time and irritated Kade. And Me!
But, Ollie made sure, and told Jacob that his heart solely belonged to Kade. This made me happy. They're solid.

Jacob's problems though, was a big fucked up. Family drama dominated their investigation this time.
I'm already knew that this is going to be a cliffhanger. But, a major cliffhanger like that?
I mean MAJOR, with unsolved mystery and a new upcoming problem, and the possibility that Kade won't be able to see Ollie for a long time. That's what I called MAJOR CLIFFHANGER!

But I can't give this book low rating, because, as much as I wanted to yell at the author, I enjoyed this story, much more than the first one.
But then, I saw there's no release date for the next book. and I was mad again.
I need book three ASAP!

* I was given the ARC by Dreamspinner Press for a fair and unbiased review, no high rating required*

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