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REVIEW : Somewhere to Belong (Thornwood, #3) by Caitlin Ricci


Needy. Obsessive. Clingy. Twenty-five-year-old Eli Walker has heard it all. That’s why he doesn’t bother calling back the guys he’s been with anymore. Sex should be about fun, not a relationship, and no one has complained about him getting overly attached in years. If only he actually felt wanted for once instead of empty and used when guys are done with him.

Grayson Pendleton is a wealthy business consultant with clients all over the world. His life is often glamorous, but it leaves him no time for a relationship, and at forty-eight, he’s starting to notice the lack of romance in his life. His only romantic connection is Eli, but they’re just two guys who have sex occasionally. It took him months to get Eli’s first name, and even now they only communicate through a hookup app.

When Grayson inherits a house in Thornwood, Colorado, it’s one more thing he doesn’t need in his life, and he knows he won’t be there enough to enjoy it. Still, the old house has the potential to be a home, and more importantly, it gives Grayson a chance to save Eli when he needs it most.
Somewhere to Belong (Thornwood, #3)

Somewhere to Belong by Caitlin Ricci
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this story. It was at some point, an adorable May-December interracial relationship.
A lesson (trauma?) from his past relationship, Eli didn't believe that he's worth a good relationship. Very skeptical, but then he met this guy Grayson, twenty something senior his age, and cared about him.
I haven't read the two earlier books, I'm not sure if I want to read about Eli's past lover, Trent.
He seemed like a clueless a**hole for Eli.
But, that's another story.
I was kinda pissed with Eli's stupidity about his landlord son, but that's the risk he's taken for being stupid.
Good thing is, it was not too long and before he make any damage for himself, Grayson's offer has became his only one solution.
Love came easily for both of them. There's one racist friend I'd like to punch in the face, but I think even Grason had been an idiot before, he's finally did the right thing.
There's times when I really wanted to slap both Gray and Eli of course. But I'm glad that everything ended well in the end.

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