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ARC REVIEW : Romance Redefined by S.J.D. Peterson


Opposites attract, but are some differences too drastic for a romance to survive?

On the surface, Benson Howard Winthrop III and Hugh Bayard have a lot in common: they’re young, handsome, and blessed to be one of the wealthiest couples in the country. Surely they have everything anyone could want. But Ben is no longer satisfied with their long-running relationship. Hugh’s need to control every situation is suffocating him, and Ben needs to know if he can make it on his own merits by following his passion.

But Ben’s mother isn’t about to let her son live in a rundown apartment as a struggling actor. She’s determined to get him back to his rightful place at the top of the social ladder—and back with Hugh.

Rekindling their romance will require more than doing what’s expected. Ben and Hugh need to understand and embrace each other’s differences. They’ll have to support each other even when one makes a decision the other doesn’t agree with. For their passionate love to grow, they will need to redefine the meaning of romance… only then can they find true happiness.

  Romance RedefinedRomance Redefined by S.J.D. Peterson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It conflicted me whether I liked this or not, because, Lord...this is dragging me. Especially Ben's rejection and his inability to make decision, right until almost the end of the book. Ben irritated me a lot, but I don't know, I cannot hate him either, because he needed something he craved from Hugh that Hugh hard to tell. His past. His guilt.
But I can't hate this story, it happens in real life, you know?
Choices has to made, and Ben torn between his love to Hugh or open his heart to the new love Jason offered him.

Speaking of Jason, I think it's only fair that he could have his own story in the near future.
If I'm Ben, I'll probably chosen Jason already.
But love is the strangest thing, and mysterious. Just like what Gibran said, 'if love chosen you, follow it'.

This is a second chance love story, and also a love triangle. I usually hates love triangle story, but somehow, I survived this one, because Jason is so adorable. I have no problem with him. He's just a nice guy, in the wrong time of his life.

I finished it in one sitting, this is one of the rare book that I can stand to read without pause.
There's no extreme twist, just Ben and Hugh trying to redefined their love to each other, is it worth it or not to stay together for good, this time.
All they need is classic, talk. And talked they were.

* ARC provided by Dreamspinner Press for an honest and fair review.*

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