Monday, 17 October 2016

ARC REVIEW : The First Act by Vanessa Mulberry



 April 1594. William Moodie thinks he’s in love with celebrated actor, Richard Brasyer. When Brasyer’s playing company, Goldfox’s Men, comes to town, William is only too willing to leave his country life for the opportunities of the theater and a life in London. Determined to become Richard’s apprentice, William seeks to impress his mentor with his acting—and please him in bed.

Meanwhile, Richard struggles to escape his past as a spy and disentangle himself from the manipulations of his former master and ex-lover, Bennett Goldfox. Swearing off a relationship with his new apprentice proves difficult for Richard, as William uses all his youthful charms to seduce him. When Bennett’s life is threatened, Richard is lured back into the game for one final mission, and he and William travel to Cambridge to hunt down a list of traitors to the Crown.

In the midst of danger and deception, Richard and William come to truly see each other, faults and all, and realize their feelings run deeper than either expected


I wish I can give this one more credit, more star. But.
While the story is quite good. The main characters, especially Richard is shallow. Richard is too weak when it comes to Bennett, his ex lover that he, at the very moment after he met William, still craving for Bennett's 'attention'. And like William said, whoring himself to Bennett for five pounds.
Richard keep coming back to Bennett, let Bennett manipulated him for his pleasures he called 'love'.
I didn't see what's William saw in him except his handsome persona and his acting (?), not that he can make much money from that.
William is definitely got a star struck in Richard. And Bennett didn't like it, and wanted him for himself.
And Richard, he followed Bennett's game. Way too disappointed for a hero.
There's so little romance and romantic time between William and Richard, lacking of romance irritated me big time.
They've got their happy ending, but (yeah)...I'm still not sure that's love, especially on William's side.
This is not what I expected from the blurb, love triangles is definitely not my forte.
If it's yours, go for it.

*I received the ARC from Dreamspinner Press in exchange of an honest and fair review. No high rating required.*


Vanessa Mulberry has been reading and writing since she learnt to read and write. She has been an MM romance reader for a decade now and took up writing the genre because she loves happy endings and, ahem, happy endings. Her hobbies include Gin and Tonic.

She lives in Buckinghamshire (which is significantly less posh than it sounds) with her long-suffering husband and their adorable daughter.


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