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ARC REVIEW : Summer Lessons (Winter Ball #2) by Amy Lane



Mason Hayes’s love life has a long history of losers who don’t see that Mason’s heart is as deep and tender as his mouth is awkward. He wants kindness, he wants love—and he wants someone who thinks sex is as fantastic as he does. When Terry Jefferson first asks him out, Mason thinks it’s a fluke: Mason is too old, too boring, and too blurty to interest someone as young and hot as his friend’s soccer teammate.

The truth is much more painful: Mason and Terry are perfectly compatible, and they totally get each other, but Terry is still living with his toxic, suffocating parent and Mason doesn’t want to be a sugar daddy. Watching Terry struggle to find himself is a long lesson in patience, but Mason needs to trust that the end result will be worth it, because finally, he’s found a man worth sharing his heart with.

Summer Lessons (Winter Ball #2)Summer Lessons by Amy Lane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I think Dani said the best here about my opinion, we have the same view of this story.
While I loved Mason so much with his 'no filter' mouth (ever since he's a little boy), I'm kinda not loving Terry that much.

I get it that he's young and need to find out what he wants in his life, but he seemed clueless. And Mason is too easy, I think. I know how desperate Mason to be needed by someone, to accept who he is just the way he is, but still.
I believe they're made for each other and all, but I got pissed to Terry especially when he let Mason did 'that'.

Good thing is, even something happen between the two of them, I'm glad there's no cheating involved, so I think I can give this four stars, because I enjoyed this story despite of me wanted to bitching after Terry so much.

I haven't read the first book of this series, I thing I need to read it to get to know Mason better (?)
Because I've heard something about him and Skip? Yeah, so going to dig in Ritchie and Skip book soon.

*ARC was given by publisher for a fair and unbiased review.*

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