Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Review : Shot Through the Heart (The Cowboy Gangster Book 1) by C.J. Bishop

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Read from April 12 to 15, 2015

*** 5 sparkling stars ! ***

*** Review contains major spoiler !***






Damn you C.J. Bishop !!!!
I need book 2&3 NOW !!!!

Cowboy Gangster, Axel and Clint's story is so far the best one of the whole series. And Clint and Axel were easily became my favorite couple !

This is a spin off of Phoenix series, the earlier 18 books, I don't think you can read it separately, because it's tightly as a continuation of the series.
I considered it as book #19.
You can give us another 50 CJ and I will definitely read it all !

The Prelude made me worry about their future, and the pain was already there, torturing me while reading their "earlier" story.

I know it's not going to be an easy ride with the next book, ugly crying guaranteed in the future. But I know I have friends to hold in to, and hope for a better for Axel and Clint.

Axel was easily erased my hatred to him to become loving him for what he had been through, and Clint saw that Axel has the power to make him submit and weak.
Clint, a criminal, mob, hitman, and all uglies in life, but I now his story will break my heart soon as it will reveal.
Clint, as in Axel's story, is a 'hero' in my story too. All the love he gave to Axel, leave me breathless.

I hope, in the "three months after", Cory would be Axel's best friend and stand beside him, because I know that he need Cory, when he's is crumbling down and Clint need Cory to be with Axel as his guardian angel while he's back to his old shelf.

All we can do now, is hope, that HEA is waiting in the end of their journey, because I know, Axel and Clint deserved it.

And I hope I can see Cory'-s story in the future. I was losing hope with Shay. :(

You are an amazing story teller CJ !
I'm a slave to your stories !

Highly Recommended!

I'm not a beta reader, didn't received the ARC , or a good friend of the author, neither I'm an ass licker.
This is an honest review.

"For future references," he murmured with that pulse quickening drawl as he approaches slowly. One hand slid though Axel's hair, cupped the back of his head and drew Axel,'s lips to his, "I can hear a pin drop in on a bed of cotton,"

We’re afraid because we feel vulnerable and don’t feel like we can defend ourselves. I could stay by your side for the rest of your life and beat down every threat that presented itself, but you still wouldn’t truly feel safe until you knew you could take care of yourself.

He was wrong - memories could still hurt a person. Cut them open and leave them bleeding.

"Oh, a word of advice,"Jimmy said as he opened the door. "If you want to convince your neighbors that you're not gay..." A grin cut across his face. "Probably shouldn' scream out your boyfriend's name during sex." He winked. "Chereio."

"He said no one had ever needed him for anything, or even depended on him. And it made him feel good to be needed, to...take care of someone...even in something as insignificant as that. I think, on top of everything else, he feels...unnecessary."

"You're a hero," he said quietly. Hero. Clint had been lot of things in life, but never that. His heart continued to go wild in his chest. "I usually play the role of villain," he admitted. Axel shook his head and cast Clint another of those knee-weakening sidelong smiles, his eyes glowing. "Not in my story." His lips twitching, Clint murmured, "So I'm in your story am I?"

"But all of this,...you...it scares the hell out of me. I survive by being in control. But you..." Clint touched the tip of his nose to Axel's. "You strip away my control."
"Do I want you Axel?"
"I want you so bad I can't breathe."

If he lived ten lifetimes, he doubted he would be able to solve the mystery of this kid's power over him. Just a glance from those eyes could command him. And that smile enslaved him. The "why" was no longer important.


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