Tuesday, 28 April 2015

CRONIN'S KEY Review by NR Walker

***** 5 cutest vampire couples EVER stars!*****

"“M’cridhe, m’gràdh, gu brath.”
My heart, my love, forever. "

Cronin and Alec

Can you imagine a very alpha, the eldest, respected vampire leader from 8th century is smitten and became "not so alpha" again after he met his fated mate? After a long cold waiting for more than 1300 years?
Yeah. That.
That's Cronin, my friends, right after he met Alec, an all stubborn, sarcastic, brave and full alpha mode police detective!
And OMG! I'm so "smitten" with these two adorable guys, to the level I want to be sandwiched cuddle between them!
And speaking about cuddles...
Imagine Alec and Cronin cuddling like a horny teenagers in front of everyone without shame..and Cronin is a cutest blushing vampire ever!
You'll fall for Cronin and Alec without doubts!
Well, I do.

There are so many sweet moments but yet twist as well (made me cry kinda twist) but... yeah, not enough to make me stop reading.

Alec could be so romantic when it comes to Cronin. Challenging an ancient Japanesse vampire, Eiji, his very own guardian angel since he was born, not a wise action...but Eiji just laughed...and said , that what he should do if he's in Alec position!
That's cute!

And Cronin, dare to look at Alec in a mannner he do not approved? He'll kill you!

"“I’ll have you know,” Cronin said lowly. “This human man is mine. Touch him, even look at him in a manner I do not care for, and I will kill you myself.”

I loved all the secondary (good) characters, Eiji, Jordis,Kole, Bes, Eleanor and even Johan!
And Kole, he's being a great father and approved Cronin (all vampire and Scottish)...yeah..just because he's Scottish only!

These are some of my favorite quotes I failed to reduced...
"Cronin lifted his chin. “You have just learned that humans are not the only people to walk this earth. You’ve leapt with me, you’ve seen vampiric teeth, you’re sitting in a room with three vampires, yet you are not afraid?”

"Alec smiled back at him, their eye contact intense. It was the first time he realized he might actually be smitten with Cronin.
Smitten, Alec thought. Who the fuck uses words like smitten? Oh, that’s right. I do. Apparently. Since Mr. Suave-and-Sexy-Vampire here leapt into my life and informed me that we’re fated to one another for all eternity."

"He patted the seat next to him. “Take a seat.”
Cronin hesitated.
Alec rolled his eyes. “I don’t bite.”
Cronin smiled. “And you complain about my humor. Yours is questionable, more so than mine.”"

Alec lifted Cronin’s chin. “My heart is not theirs to take,” Alec whispered. “It belongs to someone else.”Cronin’s eyes closed slowly as he smiled. “As mine belongs to you."

"“I’m hardly to blame,” he said, giving Cronin a fake glare. “You’re the reason I have to do that. Just sitting there, all Scottish and sexy as hell.”"

And here's Alec when he's being so alpha...
A week ago, Alec would have bristled at the suggestion that he belonged to anyone. Now he smiled. “I would not assume to correct an Elder, but you are mistaken,” Alec said with a smile. “It is Cronin who belongs to me.”
Kennard laughed, looking younger still. “Hearts lay broken around the world at such news.”"

I loved the ending, kinda impatient waiting for May to come!



  1. Uhh.. Keknya ntar mau coba intip deh..
    Btw good review, menggetarkan hati dan dompetku.

  2. Thanks! Good books worth the dompet you know. Lol. But this one is really sweet and I loved it so much !

  3. Thanks! Good books worth the dompet you know. Lol. But this one is really sweet and I loved it so much !

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