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ARC REVIEW : Return of the Chauffeur's Son by Tara Lain


Luca McGrath may be returning to Napa Valley, California as a promising chef with dreams of starting his own restaurant and winery, but his heart still lives with bad-boy billionaire’s son, James Armstrong. Luca spent his childhood playing games with the golden boy of California society, so blinded by James he barely noticed the dark, quiet lure of his conservative older brother, Dylan Armstrong.

But now, Luca’s home and his own powers of attraction are enough to make James question his dedicated heterosexuality and his promised marriage to a wealthy and powerful businesswoman. The obvious attraction between Luca and James spurs Dylan into action—but he’s fighting a huge secret. While Luca dreamed of James, Dylan dreamed of Luca. When Luca gets caught in the struggle between the brothers and gets accused of culinary espionage he’s ready to chuck the fairy tale—unable to even imagine Dylan’s power to make his dreams come true.
Return of the Chauffeur's SonReturn of the Chauffeur's Son by Tara Lain
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

As much as I want to love this book, there was something's missing, and some thing that was not supposed to be there in the first place. Blame my reading and taste references. Don't blame the book.
I enjoyed 3/4 of the story, the premise is great but I can't find myself too attached to Luca and Dylan.
Poor Dylan. Sigh. I really liked the guy. Dylan is a great guy, but he kept so much inside, and I hate what he didn't show and tell Luca.
While Dylan is busy protecting and doing every 'service' for Luca's sake, Luca is still 'busy' for his dream for James.
And what's this James's sudden attraction to Luca? Because he's so gorgeous, or just curious?
The whole love triangle irked me, because Dylan need to be more 'out' and 'brave' about what he feel about Luca.
I'm not sure about Luca's feeling. But I have a high hope that Dylan will finally make him feel that.
The ending was quite good, and I want to believe that Dylan and Luca will find their HEA in the future.
The HFN is enough for now.

*ARC provided by Dreamspinner Press to review.*

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