Wednesday, 3 May 2017

What Matters by Gracie Leigh


“It’s a good fear, Sam. I’d miss it if it wasn’t there...”

Musical prodigy Eddie Dean gets everything she wants. The best violin, the best boyfriend, and a place at the best music school in London are hers until her father goes bankrupt. Once the financial facade comes tumbling down, Eddie’s broke and her boyfriend couldn’t care less.

The doorstep of Jimmy’s Café is the last place she expects to wash up.

Scrubbing dishes and serving fried breakfasts to pay her rent is as hellish as she imagined, and her new life is made worse by the distain of her boss’s sneering grandson. Sam Novak is arrogant, rude, and gorgeous, and if Eddie never sees him again, it will be too soon. Shame she can’t stop thinking about him. Dreaming about him. Craving him.

And then there’s his best friend Dylan.

Dylan is as light as Sam is dark, and Eddie wants him too. She can have him too—according to Sam—but when Sam reveals a vulnerability that could cost him his life, it’s time for Eddie to face the music. Does she still need to get everything she wants, or should she choose what matters?

What MattersWhat Matters by Gracie Leigh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I read this for my reading challenge this year to read more than one MF books.
Good thing is, Garrett Leigh written as Gracie Leigh offered her first MF book to read.
I admit I was kinda staggering and scare what if I wouldn't like it or even hate this.
As many MM readers usual 'high standard' in romance, I doubted I'll like this.
But it didn't happen, I liked this book, despite of Sam's annoying behavior and Eddie's slutty attitude, this one was enjoyable. The sex, especially the three-way, was freaking hot.
And I liked Dylan, a lot. I bet he has a story with Sam in the past.
I wouldn't mind to know it in the future. In Dylan's MM book, perhaps?

*ARC provided by the author for a chance of reviewing this title.*

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