Thursday, 27 April 2017

ARC Review : Happily Ever After Isn't Easy by Jake C. Wallace

How do you start a new life when your old one won’t let go?

Freed from a marriage he entered because he feared coming out to his judgmental family, Gabe Reynolds feels his life is just starting—at forty-three. But what was supposed to be exciting and wonderful has been nothing but disappointing. The man he’s loved since they were teens broke his heart—again. Gabe has no clue how to meet men who are looking for more than one night, much less date them. Add to that his job as a mental health counselor, helping to keep his mentally ill ex-wife stable, and caring for children that belong to another man, and he has little time to look for Mr. Right.

Just as Gabe is giving up, Brandt Sawyer, with his hard body and gorgeous eyes, crashes into Gabe’s life. Brandt pushes all Gabe’s buttons—though he could do without the younger man’s know-it-all attitude. Gabe never thought he could be so torn between wanting to punch a man and wanting to kiss him. Yet, as he gets to know Brandt, Gabe sees past the military-programmed ex-soldier and catches a glimpse of what could be his happily ever after.

But with a troubled ex and young children involved, Gabe can’t just walk away from his past. Guilt is tearing him in every direction—maybe even away from the man he’s falling in love with.
Happily Ever After Isn't EasyHappily Ever After Isn't Easy by Jake C. Wallace
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book has a lot to say. About relationships, acceptance, forgiveness, kids, hope and desperation.
It's quite a long book but even it started slow in the beginning, I enjoyed Gabe's journey to find his happily ever after.
It's an enemy to lover story, not so much of an enemy actually. It was just a different perception about how to 'communicate' with kids with Brandt.
They're quite good in communication those two. And good with kids on their own way.
When the attraction between the two guys became clear there's an ex (exes) problems.
Some misunderstanding happened, of course, but they solved it without too much drama added.
Oh and the sex between Gabe and Brandt is hot (grins), we're all need this anyway.
Overall, this one is a good read, thoughtful and promising.

*ARC provided by Dreamspinner Press for a fair and unbiased review.*

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