Thursday, 13 April 2017

ARC REVIEW : Hearts in Ireland (World of Love) by J.C. Long


When the future is shrouded and it’s hard to find direction, maybe it’s time to let the heart lead the way….

Ronan Walker stands at a crossroads, unsure how to pursue his education… unsure if he even wants to. Now that his mother is gone, all he has left are the wonderful stories of her youth in Ireland, and he’s drawn to the land of his ancestors. There, he seeks out his mother’s family and meets Fergal Walsh, who works at Ronan’s aunt’s bookstore. A love of literature facilitates a fast friendship between the two men, and even though Ronan cannot deny the potential—and his desire—for more, he cannot see a future for the two of them when he leaves Ireland. Fergal must persuade Ronan to give school in Dublin a chance—and convince Ronan that his heart has already found its home.

World of Love: Stories of romance that span every corner of the globe.
Hearts in Ireland (World of Love)Hearts in Ireland by J.C. Long
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is the story of finding your root and your home. Easy and light and sweet.
But sadly I didn't find any good connection between the two MCs.
It's a love at first sight and moving forward to a relationship and love in days is okay with me, but I need more strong chemistry, a sparkle , a heart-beating fast. But, no.
It was just when they're first met, in the book store and Fergal bought a book for Ronan and invited him to lunch. Ronan is clueless about Fergal and Fergal didn't seem to show any determination about what he wanted.
It was smooth, a bit arguing about whether Ronan stay or back to USA.
This was an okay read, but not very memorable to me.

*ARC provided by the publisher for an hones, fair and unbiased review.*

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