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ARC REVIEW : Captive Hearts (Deviant Hearts, #1) by A.E. Ryecart


“Too young, too blond, too skinny. Billy Grace was everything my head told me I didn’t want. Too bad my heart had other ideas.”

When Dashiell Slater uses his fists to stop a vicious assault, the last thing he expects is to be offered a job as reward for being a Good Samaritan. Out of work and short of cash, all he has to do is chauffeur Billy around. It’s easy money so saying yes should be a no-brainer. And if the offer’s not quite legal, so what? Dashiell’s smart and savvy, and knows how the world works. But there are strings attached, and Dashiell doesn’t want to get entangled. He’s ready to say no and walk away – until he sees the fear, despair and fathomless sadness in Billy’s jade-green eyes.

“He was everything I wanted, but couldn’t have. What was the use in dreaming when I was already bought and paid for, the property of another man?”

Billy’s life is a daily round of fear and abuse. One wrong word or one wrong look can mean a beating, or worse. Dashiell’s everything Billy’s heart craves – a man who’ll love and protect him, who’ll keep him safe and catch him when he falls. But Billy can’t have what he yearns for, because to give in to his heart means breaking a promise he’s vowed to keep at all costs.

A soul-searing kiss, a whispered promise, and the chance of a future together is there for the taking. But life is never that simple and danger surrounds them at every turn. Imprisoned by devotion, duty and obligation, Billy’s heart is captive, but can falling for Dashiell finally set it free?

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Captive Hearts (Deviant Hearts, #1)Captive Hearts by A.E. Ryecart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

* 4,5 stars*

..."On a stony beach, where a sleeping Billy Grace snuggled into me, I knew I’d always remember that day because it was the day my life changed.

This is not an easy book to read. There are so many things broke my heart, especially when it comes to what's Billy suffered for Frankie. Dashiell came didn't soon enough IMO. But somehow, they made it work. I never though that at some point, I didn't mind that Billy slept with Dashiell when he's still in Frankie's dirty hands. I thought, cheating on Frankie is a mandatory, you know. Billy's just needed that, he needed Dashiell. Dashiell is his happy place, someone he can lean on to. A love he found in the middle of his battered heart and boy (literally).

... "I didn’t know when I’d fallen in love with Dashiell, I just had. I used to dream about falling in love and imagined the big, public declarations, fireworks exploding, and shooting stars racing across the sky. I’d even thought there’d be unicorns jumping over rainbows. What I’d never imagined was that I’d just know, kind of all quietly and without any fanfare."

It hurt me every time Billy had to come to Frankie and just surrendered, I hated that.
But this story consumed me, and lately, it's a rare thing with some books I read this year.
I'm captivated by Captive Hearts, by Billy and Dashiell.

..."His voice was quiet, and shaking, and he looked up at me with the saddest eyes I'd ever seen. But he didn't flinch. He was summoning all the strength and bravery he had, even though it was breaking both our hearts. I gave him the only answer I could. I kissed him."

This was a wonderful read, though my hart was broken and made me cry over what Billy had been through. I'm glad Dashiell was there to protect him. I'm finally close this book with a happy sigh.
This is book one of the series, I think Lee would be in book two. And I'll make sure I'll read the second book.

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