Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Only See You (Only Colorado #2) by J.D. Chambers


“I might not be every gay man’s wet dream, but I always get a second look.”

Mal Copol knows who they are: Nonbinary. Awesome. Exhausted. They won’t change for anyone, but just once, they’d like to be the one with relationship potential, not the hookup. Also, not having to fight employers on who they are and how they present themselves would be nice. And while they’re at it, add not getting raised eyebrows at their high heels and tasteful makeup while discussing their latest rock-climbing trip to the wish list. Is that really too much to ask?

“Here I am at twenty-seven, embarking on life, version 2.0.”

Parker McWilliams is breaking free from the constraints of his former life and wife. He’s recapturing his zest to try new things and experience everything to the fullest, instead of the complacency he had fallen into over the past nine years. If one of those “new experiences” happens to be with a certain beautiful and intriguing nonbinary person, well, Parker’s just going to roll with it. Anything contrary to his past life is a good thing.

Mal and Parker keep surprising each other every time they meet. Despite their differences, neither has any interest in fighting their attraction. But when circumstances threaten to keep them apart, the couple must decide if that attraction is enough to overcome the obstacles they face.

  Only See You (Only Colorado #2)Only See You by J.D. Chambers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is my first time I read about a nonbinary person. I needed some adjustment about the mentioning 'them and person' for Mal. But it seemed I was adjusted just fine.
I liked Mal, a lot, they know themselves go for it. They didn't give a damn about what people see on them.
Good thing then, they met Parker. Oh, that sweet Parker, he's such a gem. I liked how he really care about Mal's feeling. This is a heartwarming and an eye opening, that some people still struggled and there are people out there who really care.
I enjoyed Mal and parker's relationship dynamic, this one is something that you won't miss!

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