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ARC REVIEW : Perfect (Soulmates #4) by Felice Stevens


Despite multiple degrees and business success, in his heart Jeremy Strauss feels he’s never measured up. While he hasn’t lacked for men or women to share his bed, Jeremy has yet to find someone who sees beyond his muscles and perfect smile. Taking it slow with a lover isn’t how he operates, but something about the shy accountant he rescues in a snowstorm makes him want this time to be different. So what if Blake drops little comments here and there about Jeremy’s pretty face? Their relationship is perfect.

Or is it?

Lonely most of his life, Blake Myers is as careful with his heart as he is with a balance sheet. The last thing he expects is for a man like Jeremy to fall for him, and he can't help but wait for the bubble to burst on their relationship. When the stress of a professional crisis turns personal, Blake sees the perfect relationship he and Jeremy have built start to crumble. Caught in an ever-tightening web of lies, rather than wait for Jeremy to leave him, Blake breaks it off and vanishes.

Perfection is an illusion.

Jeremy doesn’t know which way to turn and for the first time in his life, he’s lost and uncertain. Believing he’s no longer the man Jeremy needs, Blake sinks deeper into despair. Both men struggle with secrets, lies, and hurtful memories until they are forced to look inside their hearts and learn the truth—that love is perfectly imperfect

 Perfect (Soulmates, #4)Perfect by Felice Stevens
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“I don’t feel like me anymore. I’m not the same person. I don’t know who I am anymore.”
“I do,” “You’re mine. And I love you. I don’t know how to unlove you.”

The first time around when I met Jeremy in Noah and Oren's story One Call Away, I'd just knew that I need Jeremy's story to be told. Because Jeremy is going to be perfect and I fell in love with Jeremy back then. And I wasn't wrong.
I always knew that Jeremy had something to tell. About his own struggled with his love affair with Blake.

Once again, Felice Stevens broke my heart, and made me cry and held my breath.
I won't bore you with the story, because you need to read this word by word. This is a beautiful second chance of love between Jeremy and Blake. And Felice never disappoint me. Ever.
This just written so beautifully and it warmed my heart, how perfect Jeremy is for Blake. While Blake is having self conscious and fragile with his own inner demons, Jeremy became his rock and happy place.

Jeremy and Blake, when it comes to sexy times, they won't disappoint you. And Blake, the shy Blake, he has a kink when it comes to Jeremy. Semi public sex, anyone? Who thought that shy Blake has such naughty mind?

“Anyone across the street could see you if they looked up. Or the people in the building directly across. But you like that. I know you do.”
He spit on his thumb and circled Blake’s tight hole, hearing him gasp. “You get off on it.”
“Please,” Blake gasped. “Do it.”“Not so fast, baby. I want you begging for it. Want them to hear you scream for my dick all the way across the street.”

But again , is hot sexy kinky sex enough to make their relationship strong?

""Nothing and no one s perfect. There's always a tiny imperfection, a flaw that starts as something invisible to the naked eye but is so profound that one day the beautiful surface shatters to reveal the ugliness at the core"""

But is Jeremy's love enough to make him stay and believe he's the one that Jeremy need? Not his job, not his perfection, just him, just Blake the person.
I'm glad that Jeremy is not an easy to give up of his dreams, and he wanted Blake and he must have Blake, no matter what.

"You said I had something of yours?"
"Yeah, my heart. Since you've been gone, I can't find it anywhere. I figure you took it with you"

I'm still recovering from a hangover Jeremy and Blake, I'm on my second read now.
Just let you know, this book is a 'must read', or you'll missing out the meaning of unconditional love, acceptance and second chance love affair.
One of the most beautiful book I have ever read this year. Blake and Jeremy made me cry, angry, and happy at the same time. And they deserved their HEA.
Jeremy and Blake were easily become my favorite. I'm sure for a very long time.
Well done, Felice!

I loved Jeremy and Blake. I don't know how to unlove them.


My life is perfect now Jeremy and Blake's in my hands!

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