Friday, 15 January 2016

Between Ghosts by Garrett Leigh

*** 5 stars! ***

OMG ! I was so happy when I've got this book, it's Garrett frickin' Leigh !
But then I realised this is a war story. In Iraq. Dammit !
I have a hate - love - hate - relationship about this one.
I lost my loved one in the same country .
That's why I felt giddy and chicken out before I started this. But like almost all of you guys, I'm a masochist, and I read.

Yeah, fuckin' awesome. I read and I was right 'there' with Connor and Nat.
I hate that they're lost someone they loved. I hate that they have to experienced the unforgettable moments together. And I think I know what it feels to be in the waiting end for them to come home. Or not.

This story has became personal to me . And 'seeing' what Nat and Connor had been through, hurts me.
I love their connection, they have that strong chemistry from the first time they met. All the denials are bullshit. They're attracted to each other right from the start.

I loved how Garrett Leigh didn't make it as a mushy fluffy story. There's no 'romantic' moments between Connor and Nat, at least not in a sweet romantic way.
They're all hard, and all that macho stuff with their relationship. Happened that I liked it so much.

The ending..OMG..the ending was 'PERFECT!', and I'm not complaining. Not at all, mate.
It was what I want to be. A perfect HEA for two wounded soul.
I bet James smiles up there :)

Note : D, I was thinking about you when I read this story. May your soul rest in peace up there.

*ARC was given through Netgalley*

My favorite quotes...

"Nat shivered, exposed and laid bare, but for the first time in his life he didn’t give a shit. “I’m okay. It’s just being with you, like this, I can’t hide . . . from you, from anything.”"

"Common sense— and the rockets lighting the night sky— told him whatever was brewing between them was a bad idea—a bad idea with no future, except a shit-ton of heartache— but Connor’s eyes drew him in, like they always did. Life was too short to ignore a moment as perfect as this."

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