Thursday, 21 January 2016


This is a story about Jake and Destiny. They haven't met yet, but, who knows what future brings...


“Do you know something about destiny? Sometimes it’s just crashed into your life and destroyed you. Sometimes, it’s just happened, and you’re blessed without asking for it” (Jake)

Jakarta, April 2012

He hate it when everything went wrong in the morning. Including this morning when he left his phone  at home. Running back to his apartement at 10th floor, Jake grinning to think he will at least have a few  more morning kiss from his boyfriend, the gorgeous Ashton. Sigh. The man is a sight for his sore eyes for sure. 
“Ash…, babe. Wake up gorgeous, do you see my….”

Stopped right in front of his room and saw his so called boyfriend’s mouth was full of a huge cock, and he seemed enjoying it. Both men stopped their activity right away in shock. Jake suddenly hard to breathe, and slowly retreated from ‘them’. 

“I was just 15 minutes left and you’re already doing this, Ash?”. 

He wanted to yell at Ashton, but yet he only can manage a whisper from his mouth. A man he adores, he love with all his being , now sucking someone’s cock with pleasure? How could he? How could you do this to me, Ashton? And with Brad? His best friend for over than 15 years? Brad?

“I want both of you out, right now. What the fuck, Brad?”

“Jake, baby. I can explain. It not like what you see. Babe please.” 
 Ashton reached out to him, didn’t care about his nakedness, and a silent Brad. 

“No, Ash. Leave, now. Take you things with you, never come back. I’m done with you.”

“Please, Jake. Baby, forgive me. Let me explain.” 

“I’m tired of all you explanation. I’m fucking tired of your games. And this is not the first time you’re doing this to me. Get the fuck out of my house.” 

Still whispering, he took his phone from a bedside table, walked away from the couple and said his final chore, 

“I want you leave, and if you still be here after work, I’ll call a Police to drag you out. “.

With that last words, he closed the door slowly, and headed to work

Not that he can work at all.

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