Sunday, 17 January 2016


Why blogging? When I don't even know how to be 'professional blogger'?
Here's the thing...
I like reading, okay? sometimes, there's something in my head that I can't communicate with authors or fellow reader.
Nor I can write in my diary. hell, I don't even have a diary,
When people asked me why blogging and write reviews while you can't help authors, or doing some promotion or whatever they called it...
Well, it's what I'm doing. i don't need your approval or doing anything I'm not comfortable to do or say.
I write, because I want to write, not because of some promoting or pimping or ass-licking to authors.
Some good friends of mine are authors, and they're generously let me read their advance reading copy for them, with or without review.
And when I'm in a good mood of making a reviews, good or bad, I never meant it to ass-licking authors, or degrading them (when I gave a not so pleasant review. Read--> bad review). It's just me and my very active brain sometimes, mess with your book  :)

That's why I can't tell authors that I do blogging.
This is my personal blog. I'll be pleased if you can drop by and say hello, or just peeking what I write.
But well, I'm not a demanding person. Actually, I'm enjoying standing behind the spotlight, as a wallflower  :)
But if you recognized me, and let me know that 'you see me', hey, who am I to complain?

So, here I am.
Retired. No grand children, yet.
I read, and when I'm bored, I write this blog.
Why not writing a book, you say?
Ha! Read all my reviews and my writing? Yeah, not a good writer, with typos and misspelled everywhere, and I hate grammar.

That's all for now kiddos , I'm sleepy and I need to read one chapter (lies) before sleep.
See you soon :)

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