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Cash (The Henchmen MC #2) by Jessica Gadziala



My life has been about three things- brotherhood, good times, and women. Easy. Nothing complicated. That was until Willow Swift came barging back into my life, face bloodied, banging at the gates of The Henchmen compound calling in a favor owed. Now a marker is a marker and I had to make good, but if there was one woman in the world I didn't need in my life, it was the hard-as-stone, hot-as-sin Willow Swift and whatever mysterious ghosts from her past that were haunting her present.


My life has been nothing but two things: hard and complicated. The last person I wanted in my business was the notorious love-em and leave-em Cash, but I needed help and he was the only one I could lean on without worrying about him finding out about my past. But I was starting to wonder if maybe he was his own kind of dangerous bent on tearing down some things I had long since learned were not possible for me- like falling for a guy I could not, ever, let see the real me.

While this can be read as a stand-alone, you will get more out of this book if you read "Reign" and "Monster" first. 



Jessica Gadziala makes me addicted to the boys !

I have to admit, that since the first time I met Cash in Reign's book, I was kinda fall for him.
And thought, he probably perfect for Janie, hmm? But Jessica surprised me for pairing him with Lo, the badass boss of Hillstorm. I was really surprised !.
But then, after the first blast of the bomb, I'm hooked. And yes, Cash is definitely the right man for Lo.
*Picture is courtesy of the author*

I liked the play hot-cold, cat-mouse between Cash and Lo, it was so frustrating for both of them.
I was just..."Oh, f*** her already !!" . Ha-ha.
But it was super cute, and hot at the same time. I approved. *Nods*
""I did enjoy last night. You got one sweet pussy for someone so fucking sour. But I can tell you one thing, as much as I enjoyed last night..." "You enjoyed it a helluva lot more. Or was I imagining your pussy squeezing my finger as you came hard enough to wake up my neighbors?"

And speaking about Willow/Lo. OMG!
That was brutal what she had in her past, and wasn't that enough, Jessica, you had to tortured her again? Seriously, girl?
I cried. Like a baby. And I want to jump inside the book to cut her ex's balls and feed him myself ! Grrr!
But, Lo, my girl ! She's just the girl I craved for in my books. Strong, confident, strong. Did I mentioned 'strong'? . Yeah, that.

"I absolutely fucking refuse to fall back into the sadness, to let it surround me until my arms were too tired to keep my head above water anymore. I wasn't that woman anymore. I was never going to be her again."

And while I'm enjoying Cash and Lo, my guy Shooter stole some scenes...and he need his book ASAP! And I really want to know about Wolf and Janie.
Can you write faster, Jessica? Pretty please?

Fair warning : You'll have a dark, brutal story. With some sexy moments betwen the two MCs. Dirty talk. And lots and lots of dirty talk !

So far, this is my favorite of all Jessica's book.
Highly recommended for MC bad boy and badass heroine lovers !


 Jessica is a full-time writer from New Jersey who believes coffee is a food group and that her parrots can totally understand her when she talks to them. She can not be trusted with houseplants or to respond to text messages in a reasonable amount of time.

Writing was the only acceptable career path for her from the first time she learned that with just twenty-six letters, she could create whole new worlds. She attempted a string of odd jobs before quitting and taking the blind leap of faith that was trying to make a career out of her passion.

Jessica is a firm believer in snark, strong secondary characters, and HEA.

When she is not writing (which is practically never), she is obsessively trying to read as many books as possible and has totally been known to throw temper tantrums over fictional characters.


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